Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas really needs to hurry. . .

i have been pretty antsy for Christmas to get here.
i started listening to Christmas music a few days after
halloween ended.
don't judge.
our adventures last night have officially
flug me into full-fledged Christmas mode, & i don't
know how i'm going to stop myself from dreaming of
all things Christmas 24/7.

we started our evening at the grand opening of
a new korean BBQ place.
they passed out flyers for $1 teryaki bowls while i was at work.
i discovered it on my windshield as i was leaving & i
immediately knew that's where we were heading to dinner that night.
we only had one problem though-we wanted to invite others
to come with us, & i only had one coupon.
enter logan & his bright ideas.
he was coming home from a meeting around 5 when i told
him about the dilemma.
therefore, logan decided it was wise to swing by the
high school i work at and just see if there were any flyers
that were in the streets, etc.
he called me after he got there.
he was basically whispering & sounded like he was being
surrounded by police for robbing a bank.
"hey, so the only flyers are still on cars, & i think
i'm just going to take them off the windshields, but there are
all these kids getting done with basketball practice that are staring at me".
i wanted to die.
i told him that if he didn't feel comfortable taking the flyers off
the car windshields then he could just come home & we would
figure out another way to get the flyers.
he said he was just going to go for it.
logan came home with 4 more flyers.
if he shows up tonight on america's next most wanted
you will know why.
the restaurant was packed when we got there & we
waited over 30 minutes to get our food.
it was worth it though-it was only $1 & it was delicious!

the restaurant was connected to this asian market that
we decided to check out after dinner.
it was filled with some pretty interesting items.
logan decided to buy some pepero & he generously shared
it with the group after dinner.

after dinner we ventured to the riverwoods mall.
this event catapulted me into major Christmas mode.
it was like a winter wonderland-for reals.
they had lights on every inch of every tree, cider, free cookies,
gingerbread houses, candy, music, basically everything Christmas
you could ever imagine!

even santa was there!
sorry for the blurred picture.
i wanted to capture santa alone but he had a child on his
lap at every moment.
this pic was supposed to be a semi-secret attempt.
santa and i literally made eye contact while i was taking it &
i could tell he was thinking that i was a crazy weirdo taking
a pic of someone else's child on santa's lap.
it started snowing shortly after i took the picture
of logan with his mom and cousin.
then it really started feeling Christmas-y.

we walked around this giant toy store for a little while
& i couldn't believe how crazy the kids were going inside it.
it was pretty entertaining watching little kids pick up
every toy they saw, wave it in their parents face, & then
break into a tantrum when they were told they would have to
wait till Christmas.
i enjoyed looking at all the candy they had there.
they had quite the assortment of old school candy which
is always fun to look at.
they also had the biggest jaw breaker i've ever seen!
whenever i see a jaw breaker it reminds me of my cousin paige.
whenever she would come to utah to visit us she would always
have a huge jaw breaker that she was eating:)

the snow really started coming down while we were
listening to the live music, so we decided to pop into
bath & body works.
i have been trying to convince logan to let me buy a holiday
candle for a few weeks now:)
i literally LOVE the smell of Christmas candles.
logan hates smells.
that sounds weird- but he just has a sensitive nose & really strong
smells bother him.
i promised i would get a candle that didn't smell like sugar frosted
gingerbread men or candy apples roasting on a fire or whatever
weird candles they have there.
sorry if you have one of those:)
we settled on two candles that had a Christmas scent but
were logan-approved.
i was in heaven.
i could not WAIT to get home and light one.

the second i walked inside i grabbed the matches & light
my beloved Christmas candle.
i sat and waited for the smell to permeate & jumped for joy
at how Christmas-y our place smelled.

i was really in the Christmas spirit now.
to top it all off-it started snowing really hard!
i thought the night couldn't get more perfect, but it did.
logan suggested hot chocolate.
i love that man.

we watched the BYU basketball on TV while sipping our drinks.
i figured i would let logan pick what we watched since
i had taken over our house with all of my
Christmas-y shenanigans.

the snow outside, smell of hot cocoa, my Chrismas
candle & the flowers made our little house
cozier than it's ever felt.
bring on more snow!
it's time for Christmas!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

happy birthday logan. . .

this weekend i threw a birthday party for logan.
he is turning the big 2-5.
i knew i wanted to throw him a big party but
couldn't decide if i wanted to make all the food or
make all the decorations.
there was no way i was doing both.
i decided to make the decorations because i've never
done anything like that before, & i just wanted to see if i
could actually do it :)
i started with a DIY birthday banner:

i picked the color scheme and cut flag shapes from card stock.

i bought some cute letter stickers and used those to spell
out the 'happy birthday' message.

once i had my message all spelled out, i started sewing!
let me just tell you, i was terrified to try and sew the paper.
i didn't think to buy any extra just in case i messed up or anything, so i
basically had one shot to get it right.

sewing through the paper was actually SO simple and i was
pretty much thrilled with how easy it was.
i just lined up the flags & sewed right through the top of each one!
it was the perfect accent for the party & now i can have it
forever to use in the future:)

the next little DIY project i made was a little banner
that displayed some pics of logan when he was little.
i picked a few pictures and had them blown up to 8x11 size.
it was literally like 25 cents per picture which came to a grand
total of just over one dollar to have them blown up.
i used some twine and wooden close pins to hang the banner.
i attached each picture to a wooden pin and that was that!
nbd that the banner fell down like
every 12 minutes at the party.
for some reason i could NOT get those wooden pins to
stick to the wall.
it looked cute while it lasted.

logan loves pie so we decided to have an assortment of them at the party.
i wanted people to know the flavors of each pie, so i had logan
help me made these little flags to stick in each one.
logan helped by cutting the wooden sticks in half for me.
i figured it was a pretty "manly" job since it involved cutting.
he was glad he could help:)

perhaps the biggest project i decided to make were the pinatas.
i saw the idea on pinterest.
they didn't look too hard to make, so i figured i would
give it a shot.
all i can say is that if i didn't have help from the lovely ashley
these pinatas would have been a total disaster!
i decided to make an "L" first by myself to see if
making the 2 & the 5 would be worth it.
i cut out the shape in cardboard, taped it together,
wrapped it in crepe paper, & voila!
i didn't fill the L with candy or anything,
it just served as another decoration at the party.

making the "25" was a little more difficult.
ashley & i cut out the shapes from large sheets of
cardboard like i had done with the L.
we may or may not have seriously struggled when we were
trying to cut out the 5.
for some reason we couldn't visualize a giant 5 and literally
had to draw little 5's on scrap pieces until we got it right.
after the challenge of the 5 we got the letters all
cut out and taped together.

then came the crepe paper.
i bought colors that went with my scheme and we cut out
strips of each color.
then we made little cuts to the bottom of the strips
to give the pinata that awesome texture.

the tutorial i found on pinterest said that cutting and taping the
crepe paper onto the pinata took a lot longer than
cutting out the letters and taping them together.
we laughed at this and thought that taping paper in a pattern
onto each letter would be a breeze.
4.5 hours later we had only decorated the 2.

i couldn't believe how long it actually took to tape all the paper
on to the number.
we had to figure out how to make it work with the
curving of the letter, etc.
i took all my stuff home and finished the 5 the next day.
i also bought candy to stuff the pinatas with.
i bought exactly what i wanted to go inside the pinatas.
i figured i had spent so much time on them i was going to fill
them with whatever the heck i wanted to eat:)

when all was said and done, the pinatas turned out exactly
how i pictured them.
if i ever make any again there will definitely be some
tricks i learned along the way that will make the
process go A LOT faster the next time.

the pinatas were super fun at the party.
we destroyed them one at a time, & i may or may not
have shed a tear watching all my hard work be demolished.
everyone had fun taking a turn batting the big "25".

i would like to say the pinatas were just for the kids
to enjoy, but we had a fair share of our friends take a whack
at breaking each pinata.
i think they enjoyed it more than the kids.
tanya ended up breaking the pinata & i got a great shot
of her hitting it & all the candy flying out.
expert photographer right here.

i had so much fun making all of the decorations
for the party, and i loved being able to have all
our friends & family enjoy logan's special day.
we have such nice friends!
i know that logan loved having all his loved ones
come & enjoy some pinatas & pie with us.
i am lucky to be married to such a sweet person.
he treats me like gold & i couldn't ask for anything more:)

happy birthday log!
love you!