Monday, 25 April 2011

graduation day. . .

we graduated!
well, technically i graduated this past december, but at BYU
you can only walk in April or August.
i decided to walk in April so logan & i could walk together!
we went to the huge commencement ceremony with ALL the graduates last thursday.
EVERYONE was there.
even cosmo.
the commencement was a joke.
all the graduates congregated outside the administration building before
walking up the windy walk-way to the marriott center.
it was a huge crazy sea of hideous navy blue gowns and yellow tassels.
seriously-who thought it was a good idea to make graduation gowns
big and billowy and unflattering?
i would like to know who thought it was a good idea to
make graduates wear something hideous
on one of the most important and most photographed days of their lives.

anyways, logan's parents made the trek from kansas
to join in the festivities!
my parents made the trek all the way from salt lake
to join in the fun as well!

logan & i both graduated in sociology from the
college of family, home & social science.
this is the biggest college at BYU, therefore our graduation
ceremony took 2.5 hours.
they also read names in alphabetical order of major.
sociology is dead last.
therefore, logan & i were literally within the last 10 people to graduate!
translation: we waited a good 2 hours before actually
walking across the stage!
we did walk together though which was fun!
for now we are planning on staying in provo for the next year!
logan got called into the bishopric of a singles ward, so we
are committed to stay here for another year.
i'll be working at timpview high & log has an internship
with a consulting firm.
applying to grad school/taking the GMAT is on logan's priority
list for the next year!
we will see where we end up, but for now we are happy
to continue living the provo/BYU dream:)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

home sweet home. . .

logan and i have finally moved into our new house!
we love it!
we have some big plans to plant some colorful flowers in the front.
i'm thinking something like this:

i would love to have colorful flowers on each side of the stairs
in the little flower beds underneath the windows.
the house is definitely a fixer-upper, but we have managed to make it
pretty comfy so far.
here are a few pics:

the front room/living room

the dining room

the kitchen

the office

the bedroom

don't worry- there IS a bathroom, it's just not pictured.
im still working on sprucing up the office and the bathroom.
i have had WAY too much fun setting up house.
i decided that i LOVE organizing things and making them look how i want.
i can't wait to move again so i can do it all over!
logan & i will be in provo for the next year or so
working and what not, so we have a while to make this home
exactly how we want it.
until then, we are having fun adding things here and there
to give it the feel that we want.
we started watching the show house hunters.
it is fascinating to me that people are buying a place for
$300,000, which is "cheap" according to them.
that is INSANE compared to what we pay for rent here at our house.
in a way i am scared to move anywhere outside of utah
because of how expensive it is!
luckily our new place will allow us to save some pennies
for wherever life takes us next!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

the fire. . .

monday was a great day.

logan & i moved all our stuff into our house last weekend,

and monday was my day to find a few more things for the house.

this week is spring break for me from work so i was happy to have this

whole week to finish getting the house organized.

i went to some of the happiest places on earth to get what i needed.

bed, bath & beyond to get pots and pans.

target to get a trash can and a table cloth.

and i ended my day at hobby lobby to get materials to make a wreath.

our new house is a pale yellow color with brown trim, so we

needed a bit of color.

i decided to go to hobby lobby to get some things for a colorful wreath.

as i pulled into the lot i parked in a spot close to the door and

went on my merry way.

i was pleased to discover that everything in the floral department was 50% off!

i found my things and headed for the check out counter.

a lady came on the loudspeaker and said, "will the owner

of a red grand prix please come to the front of the store immediately".

i noticed a crowd of people gathering at the front of the store peering out the windows.

i also noticed smoke coming from the parking lot.

a lady with a nervous look on her face raced toward the front of the store. "your car is on fire!" someone yelled at her.

i strained my neck to get a closer look at her car.

sure enough, it was on fire!

i continued through the check out line.

"will the owner of a silver convertible beetle please come to the front of the store immediately!"

i paused for a moment.

that was MY car!

i raced out the doors of the store only to realize that my car was parked

right NEXT to the red car that was on FIRE.

"that's my car!"

i yelled to one of the firemen who were already at the scene.

"you need to move you car NOW!" he yelled.

a million thoughts raced through my head.

"this is not happening"

"of course i would park next to the car that caught on fire"

"my car is going to blow up"

"this is how i'm going to die"


the man urged me again to get into my car immediately and move it.

i pulled out my keys and felt my heart race and i ran into the smoke.

i put the car in reverse and slammed on the gas.

i sped away and parked in the farthest spot from the fire.

as i walked back to hobby lobby(i wasn't going to let an incident like this

get in the way of my wreath-making)

i snapped a few photos of the action.

if you look REALLY close to the front tire in the first picture you can see

some of the orange flames.

i went back into the store and the lady had saved my things for me

at the register.

people peppered me with questions about what happened, etc.

i was still in shock so i didn't really know what to say.

in the store, a lady kept yelling on the loud speaker for the owner of

a white mazda.

you can see it parked directly in front of the red car.

the owner never came out to move it, and everyone was really worried their car

would catch on fire too.

i'm just glad my car and i made it out alive.

granted, the flames coming out of the car weren't 10 feet high or anything,

but it was still pretty terrifying.

i managed to get away from hobby lobby safely with my car intact and

my wreath making materials that only cost $6!

pictures of the wreath/the new house to come!

Friday, 8 April 2011

the cube. . .

have you ever seen one of these cars driving down
the street and thought to yourself, "wow, that's the ugliest car i have ever seen?"
i have.
in fact, every time i saw one of these things i thought to myself,
"wow, that car looks like a toaster on wheels".
for those of you who don't know what this is, let me enlighten you.
its a nissan cube.
logan & i have had the privilege of driving around this very car for the past 2 WEEKS.
my car is still in the shop being fixed from the accident i was in last month.
when i went to the rental car place i was mildly horrified when i noticed they
only had 3 cars on the lot.
the cube.
a suburban.
another suburban.
"i hope we get that cube!" logan said as he smiled like a 10 year old boy
about to go on a ride at disney land.
and sure enough, we received the cube.
i was embarrassed driving it off the lot.
i felt like a toaster/someone who was trying wayyy to hard to be different.
but after about 2.5 minutes in the car- i fell in love.
i love the cube.
it is SO much better looking on the inside than it is on the outside.
it is spacious and the windows make you feel like you're in a fish bowl.
there is TONS of leg room and you can fit a ton of stuff in the back.
i think it was somewhat of a blessing that we got this car
during the time when we are moving.
for those of you who don't know, logan and i are moving a few blocks
away from where we live now!
it is a cute little yellow house on 700 north here in provo.
tomorrow is our official moving day.
we have been moving wedding gifts/stuff we never really use over to the
house in the mean time.
but let me tell you-having this car has been a HUGE help!
can you imagine trying to move boxes of stuff in my car?
the bug can barely fit 4 people in it!
anyways, logan & i have come to love the cube so much we have even pondered buying one.
i think i would like it better in either black or white.
every time logan & i talk about getting in the car to go
somewhere we say, "the cuuuuuube!"
like the aliens in toy story say "the claaaaawww!"
i may or may not shed a few tears when they call me to say my car is done
being fixed and i have to say goodbye to the cube.
it will be a sad sad day.

Friday, 1 April 2011

the end of intramural soccer. . .

logan & i were invited to be on an intramural soccer team
this semester with some friends from our ward.
we were both really excited!
i was excited because i have played intramural soccer almost
every semester while at BYU.
logan was excited because he loves any excuse to play sports.
logan will freel
y admit that he isn't the biggest
fan of intramural sports.
it's pretty crazy just how competitive some people can get, especially
in sports like co-ed inner tube water polo.
(yes, th
is sport exists at BYU)
nevertheless, we joined the team eager to play.
because I graduated in December, I am no longer able to
play on intramural teams for free.
I had to pay 25 bucks just to be able to play.
25 bucks!
it's sorta sad but 25 bucks becomes a lot after you get married.
we decided it was worth it however and we have been playing ever since.
logan was our goalie for the whole season.
i was a little bummed when i found out that nobody on the
team had played goalie
before, and logan being the sweetheart he is
volunteered to take the position that nobody wants to get stuck with
on a team where nobody has played goalie before.
let me just tell you-this kid did amazing.
i had no idea he could jump so high or block a ball so well!
everyone was amazed that he had never played before, and i was always
so proud after every game that he made some sweet saves/blocks.
our little team made it into the tournament
and we played really well our first game.
we won on the night th
at BYU lost to Florida. . .so we were
pretty happy that night!
this past wednesday nig
ht, however, was not as exciting.
we lost:(
logan played a great game, and i scored a goal, but despite out best efforts,
our team was defeated.
we had a lot of fun playing though and we will hopefully play on another team soon!
here is a picture of us after the last game.
isn't the sunset pretty?
this game was hilarious mainly because of how intense and competitive
a couple of the guys were on the other team.
it is fascinating how competitive some people can be.
i shouldn't talk-i get pretty intense myself when playing soccer, but a
guy from the other team was intense enough to the point that he
would yell and make crazy sounds at logan whenever he would
be saving the ball.
he did this every time.
i think he was attempting to psych logan out or something, but he
just ended up looking like a freak.
hopefully our team will have better luck next time!