Sunday, 29 April 2012

the little move before the big move. . .

 we were sad to move out of our little yellow house a couple
of weekends ago.
logan's parents are kindly letting us shack up with them
for a few months before we make the big move
to texas in july.
i would have loved to live in our little house until making the
big move, but there's not a whole lot you can do when your lease us up!
until we make the big move were are trying to enjoy the beginnings 
of spring here in provo.
recent activitires have included frozen yogurt at the park
and attending my niece's spring preschool performance.

as excited as i am about moving out of utah in a few 
short months, i can't help but feel a little scared at times.
i have absolutely loved being so close to family and there
are a lot of people that we will miss once we move.
however, i know that texas will bring new adventures & opportunities
& i can't wait to explore a new city and meet new friends. 
until then, we are going to try and live it up in little old provo :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

nyc. . .

logan & i went to the big apple last week
for a fun spring break vacation to visit my sister and her husband.
it. was. awesome.
everything was perfect with the exception of my sister
getting strep throat while we were there :(
while she was quarantined in her apartment, logan & i
had fun exploring the city.

we made a trip to the 9/11 memorial that is just a few
blocks away from my sister's place.
it was really amazing seeing the two huge memorial pools
where the two towers used to stand.
they had the names of all the victims etched into the sides
of the fountains, and the giant freedom tower being
constructed on the site is HUUUGE.

we went to a store right around ground zero called century 21.
it is basically like a nordstrom rack on steroids.
i could tell logan was slightly overwhelmed as we entered the mad house.
however, after a few minutes, logan was thriving right along
side of all the other crazed shoppers searching for a deal.
he quickly accumulated a small wardrobe for himself to try on.
don't let logan fool you-he says he hates shopping but
the man is a sucker for a good deal.

we ended up making two more trips to century 21 just for logan :)

a trip to nyc wouldn't be complete without a visit to
times square & rockefeller center.
i think times square is actually a little more exciting at night
when everything seems bigger and brighter, but we still
managed to have a grand old time in the middle of the day.
we quickly made some friends as we wandered around.
they acted so excited to see us as they posed for multiple pictures.
as soon as the pictures were taken they also waved there cute little
bags on our faces and insisted on being compensated.
we gave them $2 and quickly went on our merry way.

on our flight to nyc logan saw a commercial for this huge
car show that was happening that weekend.
he got super excited about it and made me promise we would go.
i wasn't too thrilled at the idea-who would want to
be stuck inside looking at cars when we are
in new york?
i have to admit, it was actually pretty cool & there
were some pretty amazing cars there.
needless to say, logan was in heaven.
i also had some fun of my own checking out the new beetle.
i seriously had to wait in like for like 10 minutes just
to sit inside and take a picture-i guess everyone else
loves the new beetle as much as me!

the other highlight of the car show was getting to take a
picture with the kia soul mascot- the hamster.
was i embarrassed to take this pic?
not at all :)
since logan got to choose the car show- i got to choose the
art museum we went to.
we ended up only having time to go to one, but since i had
already been to the Met before, i wanted to check out the MoMA this time.
going to the museum was probably my favorite part of our trip.
i LOVE seeing works of art that i've only seen/studied in books.
the highlights included works by van gogh, mondrian, pollock & warhol.

there were also works from picasso, matisse, rothko and monet that i loved.
trying to take a picture of monet's 'water lillies' was a little
frustrating because 1. it's huge and 2. the camera could
not capture how amazing the colors really are.
oh well!

besides seeing cars and paintings, we ate AMAZING food.
and we at a lot of it.
i guess it was a good thing my sister let us use two of
her passes to a spinning class at Soul Cycle (which i could
write an entire post about because it was SO intense).
you can read my sister's post here & get the general idea.
we burned a lot of calories that day.
plus we did a lot of walking the whole times so it all balances
out in the end, right?
i hope so.

our fave place to eat for a quick bite was Shake Shack.
i'm pretty sure it's only an east coast thing- but let me just
tell you we are missing out here in the west.
the burgers are SO fresh and the fries are delicious!
not to mention their shakes which are divine.
we ate there twice but if we had one here in UT you can
bet your bottom dollar i'd be there like every day.

another fave place was grimaldi's pizza.
we took a ferry ride over to brooklyn just to eat it.
we had to wait in line for about 25-30 minutes but it was
totally worth the wait.
we met up with my dear friend hannah who is about to graduate
from FIT and become a famous textile designer :)
after dinner we walked across the brooklyn bridge
back into manhattan.

i also had the privilege of seeing another dear friend
of mine who just so happened to be in the city the same
weekend as me.
katie was in town competing in a duathalon that she ended up taking
3rd place in for her division!
needless to say, our reunion on the steps of anthropologie
was nothing short of magical.

other eats included lemon ricotta pancakes at sarabeths's
which i literally didn't take a picture of because the second
they were brought to me i scarfed them down.

cupcakes from magnolia bakery as well as georgetown cupcakes.
i prefer georgetown cupcakes but that's just me :)

we kept it classy and ate gyro's along the hudson river.
that tiny object to the right of logan's cute face
is indeed the statue of liberty.
we ate the best mexican food i've ever had at la esquina.
the cochinita pivil (sweet pork tacos) were spectacular.

but the crowning food-moment of our nyc experience
had to be the cookies from levain bakery.
honestly-i can't tell you how good they are.
you really have to try one for yourself but i can assure you
that after you have, you will also be a believer.
they are thick and dense and warm and baked to perfection.
this was logan's actual reaction is he took his cookie out and looked
at it up close for the first time.
i made him keep it in the bag until we found the perfect spot
in central park to sit and enjoy them.

the neighborhood around levain bakery is also to die for.
i love brownstones.

our trip to nyc was pretty spectacular.
we enjoyed all the big moments and everything else in between.
we would love to go back soon.
hope you feel better SJ-thanks again!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

4 years and counting. . .

2 weekends ago logan & i went to salt lake
& ran in a 5k my mom helps plan each year.
this is the 4th year in a row i have done the race.
check out last year's experience here.
ironically, my mom has been out of town each year
at the time of the actual race.
this year she was lucky enough to be in town, so we were
able to run the race together for the first time!
in case you didn't know, my mom is basically amazing
and she LOVES to run.
she and my dad have competed in marathons
from St. George to Boston.
basically, my mom is legit.

my mom is so legit that i was actually quite nervous
at the prospect that she would be running the race
this year and could potentially (and most likely)
kick my butt.
long story short- she did :)
logan & i got to the start of the race like all of
the other participats: a bus picked us up
at the east high school track and took us to the top
of the hill where the race started.
did my mom take the bus with us?
she decided to run about 2 miles to the start.
before the race started my mom was talking to a bunch
of the people in the crowd that she knew.
logan & i entertained ourselves by taking pictures
of the 2 oldest men i think i've ever seen at the start
of a race.
don't you love how the man on the right is going
to run the race in his nicely ironed khaki pants?

the race started and my mom was nowhere to be found.
logan & i were running at a pretty fast pace
& i was feeling pretty good.
then, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted my mom.
she was pounding that pavement, taking off like a little pink fairy
in her white and pink lulu lemon jacket.
i hatched a brilliant plan to run right behind her, so i could
keep her pace and then pass her right at the last
minute as we crossed the finish line.
i thought i was genius for the first mile or so, but then
my mom started to speed up.
not only did she speed up, but she took off.
i could not keep up with my own mother.
she left logan & i in the dust.
i'm sure logan could have kept up with her, but i asked
him to run with me & he obliged like a good husband.
needless to say, by the end of the race i could see my mom standing
at the finish line.
logan & i finished in about 25 minutes-a minute
slower than my time last year and about 3 minutes
slower than my mom.

we stuck around to see the official times & to check
and see if we placed.
i am proud to say that my mom came in 1st place
for her age division.
her age division will not be disclosed, but let's just
say she is "over-the-hill".

i might not be able to beat my own mother in a 5k, but
at least I beat Keith- age 70.