Thursday, 26 January 2012

birthday festivities & recent happenings. . .

my birthday was almost a week ago so i figure
it's time to blog about it:)
my sister & brother in law bought logan & i a gift
card to use at sundance for Christmas, so we figured
my birthday was the perfect excuse to use it.
and by "we" i mean "i".
i'm glad that i have such a sweetheart husband because
he most definitely wanted to use the gift
card to go night skiing. . . but i convinced him
that using it for my birthday dinner was a better
idea & he didn't put up a fight.
we ate at the foundry grill & it.was.amazing.
it had a rugged yet sophisticated feel if that's possible.
it was dimly lit and logan & i got a table right
next to this cozy little fire place.
in a word, it was perfect.
it would have been even more perfect
if my camera had a flash, but i suppose a better
phone can be on my next birthday wish list!
despite the fact that my birthday memories appear
slightly grainy & blurry, i can assure you they
were pretty fantastic.

the menu ranged from salads to seafood to burgers.
i opted for the rotisserie pork with an apple compote,
whipped sweet potatoes, and braised greens.
fancy shmancy.
logan got a sausage pizza & i'm not exaggerating when i say it was one
of the best i've ever had.

after dinner we walked around the general store
and took a stroll outside to check out some of
the things being set up for the sundance film festival.
it was freeeeeezing outside but still fun to walk around.
sundance is beautiful any time of the year.

for dessert logan & i went to gloria's little italy
in downtown provo.
i am a big fan of the italian gelato and logan likes to try
some of the chocolate concoctions like cake & cannoli.

i am a big fan of birthday festivities that last a few
days before & after your actual day of birth.
therefore, the day after my birthday i had some
fun making mini cupcakes with nuvia.
i'm not aware of any rule that says you can't make
yourself a birthday treat, so we spent the afternoon
baking and listening to justin bieber-
two of nuvia's favorite things:)
my sister in law ashley gave me the mini cupcake
maker for Christmas & i have had some major fun making
them for other people/myself.
mainly myself.

in the midst of birthday festivities there have
been some other fun recent happenings.
i made a new table cloth for us and i am SO happy with it!
i bought the fabric at hobby lobby with a gift card i got
from logan for Christmas.
it was SUPER easy.
just buy enough fabric for the size of
your table (i got about 1.5 yards) & then just sew
each side down about 1/4 inch.

even more recently i decided to cave and do a project
i have been wanting to do for a while now.
i saw yarn wrapped letters on pinterest a long time ago
and the other day when i went to joanns to get
supplies for a valentine project i broke down
and bought the supplies.
but in my defense, my friend gave me a 20% off coupon
so i had to buy them because it was such a good deal!
all you need is:
your letter of choice (in my case a "T").

cut strips of yarn and glue them to the bottom
and sides of the T.
(obviously some letters will require this step more or less times
than others).

glue a little loop on the back of the letter
and start wrapping!
i chose two colors and just alternated them.

almost done!
the great thing about this project is you can use
any letter, any yarn and any pattern.

once you have your finished project you can
put it on the wall, in a bookcase, on your table, etc.
the possibilities are endless.

our little letter T now hangs on our wall above our bed.
i'm really tempted to do an "L" & and "M".
i think all three would look cute above the bed.
you may notice another new addition to our bed-
a new pillow!
i literally looked everywhere to find the perfect chevron
fabric to make a pillow cover myself but i couldn't
find any that i liked so i treated myself to one
that i found on etsy.
i LOVE it.
next to come is a valentines project that i am super
excited for.
yay for making stuff!


  1. dinner next to the fireplace? perfect indeed. i'm all about celebrating birthdays allll week long. hope you had a happpy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like so much fun! I love that you guys celebrate so extravagantly :) Aaaaaand I love that you're so crafty! My crafty cousin!

  3. i've never been to gloria's little italy, might just have to go there now. yum!!!
    sounds like the perfect birthday :)