Monday, 24 January 2011

happy birthday to me. . .

i turned 23 on january 20th!
it was probably the best birthday i have ever had:)
i woke up that morning slightly confused however.
logan was nowhere to be found.
i checked the bathroom, kitchen, front room, upstairs, etc. but he was definitely missing.
i called his phone.
it was in the house.
i checked to see if the car was gone.
it was parked right outside.
i went back into the kitchen and noticed through the window that the door to the shed was open.
this was odd.
i went out the back door into the freezing cold and peered into the open door of the shed.
"logan?" i said as i saw him crouching over something in the corner.
"maren!?" he yelled, looking up at me like a fat kid with a stolen brownie.
"what are you doing out here?" i asked in shock.
"happy birthday?" he said with a slight frown. "it's not finished yet".
he moved away and revealed my birthday present which he was still spray painting.

logan made me a jewelry tree!
i've wanted one for a while because i have so many necklaces, and i saw one at urban outfitters i really liked, BUT i love this one even more because he made it and its perfect:)

after my birthday surprise from logan i took him to school, went to the gym, got home and made lunch and then took it up to campus for us to have a little lunch together! the rest of the day we went shopping and i got some nail polish, eye shadow & a shirt from target:)

that night we went to dinner at india palace!
the last time we ate there was the night we got engaged back in march 2010.
the food was amazing (as usual).

logan and i were both happy as little clams, especially when the waiter found out it was my birthday and brought me a free scoop of mango ice cream!

later that night we met up with john, ashley, alli & tanner.
they made me a giant cupcake for my birthday which was devoured by the next afternoon.

best birthday ever:)


  1. I loved your documenting of the Jewelry Tree birthday surprise (and nice job Logan)! You are delightful! I'm glad it was your happiest b-day ever!

  2. Wow! Logan caught in the act of doing something nice. Great birthday maren. I enjoyed the pic. What a nice jewelry tree. Dad