Tuesday, 25 January 2011

5 monthiversary. . .

logan & i have been married for 5 months today!
thus, it is our 5 monthiversary (it's a real w
ord...according to urban dictionary).
we got married on august 25, 2010 in the salt lake temple.
we went o
n our honeymoon to a little place called aspen, colorado!
we enjoyed sun
shine, good food, mountain biking, & hikes in 4 fun-filled days before school started on the 30th.
we stayed in the molly gibson lodge, 2 blocks away from downtown aspen!

we ate dinner at a place called little ollie's twice while we were there.
it was a thai restaurant that honestly h
ad the best pad thai i've ever had!

the next day we were pumped about going mountain biking!
we rented some bikes at a p
lace right by the lifts that take you high up in the beautiful mountains of aspen.
i had been mountain biking before so i wasn't too nervous, and the man at the lift assured me that the trails we would be riding down were "easy rides".
so we took the lift up to t
he top of the mountain to begin our adventure!

we got to the top of the mountain and after some debate about which trail to take, we made our way down the mountain.
i quickly learned that the man at the lift was a liar.
these trails were treacherous!
maybe i was just being a baby about
the whole thing, because logan had NO problem racing down the mountain like a bat out of hades.
i had to walk my bike down th
e trail. that's right. i was terrified.
we literally got 1 shot of me on the bike because i was on it a grand total of 8 seconds.

i then became the designated photographer for logan and his solo mountain biking adventures.
after one run (that's right..one) i decided to wait at the bottom while
logan took a few more runs down the mountain.
i was mildly terrified while taki
ng pictures because a) he was going so fast i was sure he was going to crash and die, and b) because he was pretty specific about wanting some good action shots of him on the bike.

i thought i did a pretty good job, and he was happy with my photo skills:)
the next day we went on a run in the morning on a random path we found right by this gorgeous river. we decided to go hiking that afternoon in these ice caves called the grottos.
it was a little
scary going down into the caves, but well worth it!

that night we ate at little ollies (again) and went to the rocky mountain chocolate factory. yum!
we enjoyed our chocolate treats while sitting on some benches downtown.

overall aspen was a fantastic place to honeymoon.
we highly recommend it to anyone wondering where to take their next vacation.

we can't wait to go back!

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  1. wow, those are some amazing action photos of the bike riding!!

    really, what a pretty place!

    i like how you did a retrospective on your 5th monthiversary! nice!