Tuesday, 8 February 2011

sewing project. . .

my grandma doris bought me a sewing machine for christmas this past year.
i had all of these grand ideas about sewing my own clothes and accessories
(perhaps inspired by watching too much project runway)
but i decided to start a little smaller and make a quilt for my first sewing project!
grandma doris and i went to this hole in the wall sewing place that only she
would know about after being the home economics teacher at timpview
high for years. there were a bunch of other little old ladies puttering
around the shop buying stuff to make quilts too.
it was classic.
i bought all of my quilt-making things and for the past couple of days
grandma doris has been helping me sew my first quilt!
i could try and explain exactly what the pattern is and what
i have to do in order to finish it. . .
but i dont really have all of the quilting/sewing lingo down yet,
so bare with me.
i just hope that the pictures will do most of the explaining. . .


first: i took my pre-cut fabric squares and decided how i
wanted them to go together.

second: i sewed together all of my little groupings of 4 squares

third: it took me about 3.5 hours to sew all the squares together.
in my defense, this is my first sewing project
i was pretty happy it only took 3.5 hours


first: i cut out strips to go between the blocks of squares and sewed those to my groups of 4

second: i cut out longer strips to go in between the blocks of squares that i finished sewing together

and then we ran out of fabric.

i am going to the store with my grandma tomorrow to get the last pieces of
fabric so we can hopefully finish it up this weekend.

yay for sewing!


  1. I didn't know you have a blog!! Yay!

    Can't WAIT to see your finished quilt!

    Can't WAIT to see you in March!!

  2. Hey Maren. So fun to see what you're up to on your blog. Paige talked me into doing a blog and I'm having fun posting stupid old pictures and embarrassing my kids. Check it out at malmasita.blogspot.com.

    I can't wait to see your finished quilt. Grandma Doris will be so proud!


  3. Cool, that is great! I really want to learn to sew, you are smart to learn before you have kids, then they get into any project that you begin. Can't wait to see the quilt. Congrats on the job!

  4. I love the colors and flowers! Nice selection! Yes, isn't sewing fun?!