Tuesday, 1 February 2011

date night. . .

last friday night logan and i were driving home from red mango.
i got about $30 in gift cards there for my birthday.
he comes with me at least once a week because of my obsession with frozen yogurt.
logan is lactose intolerant so he can't even eat anything.
therefore he sits and watches me eat to my heart's delight.
on the way home we passed nickel city.
we had been joking about going there for a while, and to my surprise
he flipped a U turn and we were in the parking lot before i could say, "look, nickel city!".
when we walked in i was a little shocked.
it was the first time i had been in a place like that since the birthday parties i used to go to
at chuck e cheese and jungle jim's when i was like 7.
it was a swirling scene of flashing lights, neon carpet and arcade games.
it smelled like pizza and sweaty children.
we looked at each other and figured we had made it this far--there was no turning back.
a man who literally looked 75 years old stamped our hands with blue stars as we payed for a
$5 bag of nickels.
we were ready for action.
logan found a game where you drive these little cars.
we only put in 2 nickels but we played for like
10 whole minutes.
logan loved this game. his favorite part was when he would win the golden wrench that allowed his little red car to be upgraded with super speed and tred.
logan also loved this game:
it was fascinating to watch him navigate this large pod as he shot down airplanes.

the other games we liked were basketball, where you throw real basketballs into real hoops,
and football, where you throw real footballs into holes in the wall.
we decided to win some tickets so we could buy prizes.
we ended up getting a grand total of 77 tickets, and got
a spiderman tattoo, an airplane, and nail art.
we gave the prizes to wilbert and nuvia, the little kids we mentor.
overall, nickel city was an unforgettable date night!


  1. what a fun date! I have never heard of nickel city, it sounds more fun than Chuck E Cheese-which sounds, well, a little cheesy!

  2. one time i went to the nickelcade. i was afraid of most of the people there, except for the old man of whom you spoke.

  3. Ha, I have wanted to go to that place, I got a coupon from there. It looks like a blast to me. That is fun, you guys are a cute couple.

  4. Ahh, nice to see an L&M blog. This post takes me back to my nickle-cade days. Good times. Did you guys happen to play area 51? The pictures you posted are classic.