Saturday, 7 May 2011

cinco de mayo. . .

my nephew tanner turned 2 on cinco de mayo!
we celebrated his birthday with a south of the border celebration.
everyone dressed up in their most festive attire.
tanner probably
had no idea what was going on, but we all
had fun singing ha
ppy birthday to him and eating Mexican food.
tanner's mom, ashley made him a cake inspired by thomas the train!
tanner LOVES thomas.
my parents bought tanner tickets to go ride "thomas" up in heber in a few weeks.
he got a thomas hat, thomas pez dispenser, little thomas trains, a thomas
sandwich holder, and a thomas pillow.
tanner was in thomas heaven.
it was fun
playing with the toys tanner got & playing games with the kids at the party.
there was a pinata fille
d with candy, but tanner and the rest of the kids
t really hit it, so it was really entertaining watching them try.
mostly they would just get the stick and run around with it.
anytime they actually attempted to hit the pinata it was actually a little scary because
they would come within inches of smacking another kid in the head.
no bueno.
logan & i took a turn hitting the pinata.
logan gave it a few good whacks and candy went flying.
all the little kids ran around with their little buckets and collected candy.
we had a blast at the party and were glad we could be
part of tanner's 2nd birthday!


  1. Glad you could come, I should have had a prize for the best dressed people at the party, you guys definitely would have won! Thanks again for coming!