Friday, 13 May 2011

provo canyon. . .

those of you who have ever lived in provo know how beautiful
provo canyon is this time of year.
it is gorgeous.
i love provo canyon for many reasons.
it brings back fond memories of bonfires, roller blading,running, and of
course getting proposed to.
we took wilbert & nuvia up provo canyon to the park with
the rock climbing walls.

i was not the biggest fan of the rock climbing walls.
in fact, i have never really enjoyed rock climbing.
i don't enjoy it because i'm too weak to actually do it.
the other reason why i hate rock climbing is attributed to one
of my first experiences rock climbing.
i believe i was in 7th grade. the youth in my ward went up to snowbird
during the summer to do some sort of ropes course.
they had a huge rock climbing wall. the biggest i had ever seen.
everyone was taking turns climbing the wall and
victoriously ringing the small bell at the top.
i decided to give it a whirl.
what could go wrong, right?
i soon learned that there is a lot that can go wrong while rock climbing.
first of all, let's just talk about the fact that the harness you wear
while rock climbing is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable items
of sports equipment ever invented.
second, lets talk about the fact that the person who was supposed to
be "helping me" up the wall by pulling the rope was probably
my same age and had no clue what he was doing.
third, picture being half way up the
wall and having one of the "sturdy" plastic
things you grab onto to pull yourself up literally break off
as you try to pull yourself up.

now, i don't know if this happened because i wasn't the "slimmest" 7th
grader on the block, or if it was because many
people had done the rock wall and that particular plastic thing had become loose.
i would like to think it was the latter.
therefore, i don't have the best associations with rock climbing.
nevertheless, i am slowly beginning to overcome
my negative feelings towards it.
see the following photos as proof of this achievement.

granted these photos were taken while i was literally an
inch off the ground, but rome wasn't built in a day.
i'm making progress.
the weather was perfect, and it was fun relaxing in the park by the water.
wilbert & nuvia also enjoyed blowing bubbles and climbing the trees.
it is so easy to entertain them.
i'm not looking
forward to when they get older and they aren't
as easily entertained as they are now.
in a few years they probably won't even want to be seen with us and that
will be a sad sad day.
but until that day rolls around, we are going to enjoy the time we have with them!


  1. i loved your rock climbing saga and congratulations on your new success of conquering the mountain! what fun things you think of doing with W & N! we all missed you this weekend, most of all Logan, but the rest of us were close behind!

  2. Maren! I am basically obsessing over your blog right now. Ha in case you wanted to know! It is the cutest thing ever I am SO glad I now have a new friend to follow and creep on haha. SO fun seeing you. And if you and your hubby need a place to stay in cali you know the place!