Thursday, 11 August 2011

out with the old & in with the new. . .

logan & i have been searching for a new car for a while now.
my little silver beetle has been acting up lately, & we knew
it would eventually have to go.
we decided the time was right and began the process of selling our car.
we posted on ksl.
we put up a for sale sign in the window.
we put ads up on campus.
after almost 50 days of hearing nothing-we were starting to give up.
why in the world wouldn't anyone want to buy my fabulous car?!
it's cute!
it's zippy!
and it's a convertible!
alas, nobody was interested.
we knew our last resort was taking it to a place like low book sales.
honestly i warmed up to the idea after thinking about how
hard it would be for me to sell it to someone in our town
and see it being driven by someone else.
also i just couldn't cope with the idea of selling to someone knowing
that it is starting to have some issues.

yesterday logan & i went to a dealership to look at a car
that we had test-driven a few weeks before.
we really liked it and it seemed to be a good fit.
while we were test driving it again, i got a call from someone at
low book sales asking if we were interested in selling our car to them.
it was a sign.
we told them we would come in later that evening.
we bought our new civic from the dealership & sold the bug to
low book all in the same day.
i cried as we were leaving low book sales.
this car has been my life for the past 7 years.
it was the perfect car for me during high school and college.
but as they say, out with the old and in with the new.
here are some pics of the "mare-bug"- a nick name given by my roommates.

the bug has huge sentimental value for me.
alllllll my friends have driven in it and it was always
super fun to drive.
logan & i even drove off in it after our wedding reception
& we drove it all the way to our honeymoon in aspen.

now we have this car. . .

i cannot tell you how thrilled logan is to actually be driving
a car that is pretty gender neutral.
he was getting pretty tired of the looks people would give
him whilst driving the beetle alone.
this new car will last for a loooooong time & it's always
exciting to get new things, but last night as i said
goodbye to the beetle it was really hard.

when we got home logan promised me that when we get older
and our kids are all grown up etc. he will get me whatever convertible i want :)
that helped a little. . .

r.i.p. mare-bug.


  1. Oh my gosh I seriously got emotional reading this! SAADDD! SO Sad. So many memories starting with mom and dad at the gateway driving down the street in the blue one!!!!!

  2. hahaha and we were eating lunch at applebees and then when we went home dad like pulled up 5 min. later in it!

  3. great choice guys, honda's are ALWAYS winners! yeah for new wheels!

  4. aw Maren. I know how you feel. I only drove the trooper for a couple of years but when it finally broke down (while I was driving to school), I had to watch it being towed to the scrap/metal place... so sad. But your new car looks awesome!