Tuesday, 23 August 2011

trip to NYC. . .

my madre & i went to NYC last week to visit the big SJ.
it was a much needed vacation & it was fun to see
the city where my sister will be living for the next 2-3 years.
we were in the city for 5 days-and you better believe we made each day count.
basically every day was the same:
wake up.
shop from 11am-7pm.
needless to say, my feet were tired the entire trip, but it was worth it.
SJ wore her nifty nike watch for the entire day after we ran in central park.
that day we ran/walked a total of 16.9 miles.
here are some highlights of the vacation. . .

SJ & TY live in downtown manhattan.
yes-that minuscule object on the far left is indeed the statue of liberty.

we felt justified eating so many treats because of all the exercise we got.
levain bakery was by far the BEST cookie i've ever had.
i think it weight like a pound.

we also ate these adorable mini-cupcakes at a place called baked by melissa.
you gotta eat at least one cupcake when you're in NYC, right?

we went in the heart of times square and checked out the
FOX news building where SJ works.

one of the coolest things we did was venture over to brooklyn to eat at
a pizza place called grimaldi's.
this place was the quintessential hole in the wall restaurant.
and it was delish :)
i got to meet up with meera!
it was fun hanging out with an old friend and eating amazing pizza.
the coolest part was walking across the brooklyn bridge back into the city.

we also saw "how to succeed in business without really trying"
starring daniel radcliffe.
don't know who daniel radcliffe is??
it's harry potter.
to tell you the truth- i'm not the biggest HP fan in the world, but now
i am not ashamed to say i am a DR fan.
the boy can sing & dance & the fact that he is like 5 feet tall doesn't stop him.

i may or may not be a shop-a-holic.
when i have amazing stores all around me it's hard not to be.
i may or may not have bought:
3 pairs of flats
2 pairs of boots
one skirt
3 sweaters
3 shirts
a necklace
a ring
2 bracelets.
i can't wait for fall!

perhaps the funniest/most random store we went into was
a place called "so good".
it was like claire's on steroids and looked like one giant sparkle.
everywhere you looked there was something shiny.
this picture only captures one wall of "so good".
imagine 3 more just like it.

i bought a bracelet here which now i somewhat regret.
i go through bracelet phases.
i bought another bracelet off the street so now i am stuck with
these 2 bracelets that were fabulous in new york but
now that i'm back in provo i don't love them as much.
oh well!
now it's back to provo & back to reality.
work started yesterday!
it was a fun summer break but now it's back to timpview high.
goodbye summer- you've been good to me.


  1. i love the word miniscule. and i like grimaldis. we have it in az and its ridic.

  2. Looks like sooooooooooo much fun! To live in NYC for a couple years... that would be so awesome. And I'm pretty darn jealous that you saw Daniel Radcliffe! I didn't know he can sing too!