Thursday, 22 September 2011

puppets. . .

last weekend we took wilbert & nuvia to this free event at the orem library.
it was all about puppets!
i think puppets are slightly creepy, but we thought the kids would like it so
that's all that matters, right?
when we arrived they had this huge life-size puppet.

wilbert & logan got a kick out of manipulating this huge puppet
with these long strings.
i think it was made out of styrofoam or something.
i was surprised that a lot of the little kids wanted to pull
the strings and make the puppet work.
wouldn't this huge black life-size puppet creep you out if you were a child?

they had a bunch of puppets everywhere that were for sale that you
could try on and puppet-around with.
let me just tell you- puppets these days are expensive!
i couldn't find a single one that was less than like $30.
what is the world coming to?

it was fun playing around with these oh-so-expensive puppets.
some of us had more fun than others.

nuvia was less-than amused by all of the puppet stuff.
the above picture was the only shot i got of her smiling all day.
she just turned 10, so maybe she is a little too old for this kind of thing- it
was like pulling teeth trying to get her to try on a puppet or make one
at the little stations they had set up everywhere.

wilbert on the other hand was on cloud nine.
i kid you not, i have never seen a kid have so much fun with puppets.
he was smiling and laughing and running around wild with the puppets,etc.
wilbert is almost 12.

they had a live puppet show while we were there as well as a real-life mime!
i have never heard a kid laugh so hard in my entire 23 years of life.
the funniest thing was that wilbert was by far the oldest kid there.
his laugh kind of sounds like a chipmunk on a sugar rush. . . if that makes sense.

my inner-creeper came out when i took a pic of this
darling little asian boy playing with a bird puppet.
please tell me that there is someone else out there that takes pics
of other people's cute children.
his parents were so proud of him.
they were sitting behind me smiling from ear to ear, telling him to
look at the camera and hold up the puppet.
they were speaking Chinese, but i assume that's what they
were telling him to do.

after the puppet show we ran to macey's.
logan heard there was a sale on cheez-its.
to his disappointment, the deal was no longer going on, but wilbert had
fun following around this man in a giant oreo costume.

after mentoring these kids for a while now i have learned that
the pre-teen years are so funny.
wilbert can love puppets and people in oreo costumes, while also apparently
having a real girlfriend that he has kissed.
nuvia informed logan & i the other day that wilbert indeed has a girlfriend.
wilbert denies the stories about the kissing, but admits that he
does have a girlfriend that he hangs out with every day after school.
logan made wilbert sign this contract the other day.
wilbert wrote it and signed it, stating he wouldn't kiss a girl till he was 16.
if he sticks to his promise, logan will give him $200.

just in case you can't read the contract, let me tell you what it says:
"I Wilbert Delgado solemny swear not to kiss until i am 16.
if i follow through i will get $200.
*kiss means i cannot be kissed on the smackers until the same
age outlined in this contract".

we will let you know how it goes :)


  1. you guys think of the most fun things to do with wilbert and nuvia. I LOVE the contract!!

  2. Haha I love this post. ( I am pretty sure I say that about every post you do.) But I love how Wilbert is trying to give the Oreo man bunny ears. I also love that Logan made wilbert sign a contract.... $200 when you are 12 and even going onto 16 is a lot of money, Wilbert may just get that $200. My bet is on Wilbert.