Tuesday, 20 September 2011

you go girl. . .

i saw this article on my lunch break and thought it was really cool.
just wanted to share it:)

i think it's so neat how dedicated this young girl is.
i played soccer in high school--i cannot imagine wearing long pants and
sleeves during a game in the scorching hot Utah sun!
my favorite quote was when she was talking about her religion and said,
"I'm going to follow it and I'm not going to go half way".

kudos to this girl for not caring what other people think.
i'm sure people see this girl on the field and think
she is CRAZY for covering her head and wearing long sleeves/pants.
it's nice to know she is doing what she feels is right, and that
she is totally willing to be considered 'different' because
of her religious beliefs.

you go girl.

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