Tuesday, 21 February 2012

president's day. . .

i was so happy for the holiday on monday.
sometimes you just need a break from
work & life & stress, so this three day weekend
was indeed a welcomed one.
logan & i decided to take wilbert & nuvia for
a hike in the early afternoon.
here was our adventure:

later that afternoon logan & i thought it would
be fun to run to the university mall & back.
bad decision.
we didn't really anticipate how annoying it would
be trying to run home with a sack filled with
the items we bought.
logan was a trooper and carried it the whole run home.
note to self: never run to the mall again when
you are planning on buying something.
it's annoying.
hope your president's day holiday
was fun too!


  1. Haha the pic with Logan and Wilbert jumping off the rock is hilarious. And I love that his name is Wilbert.

  2. i love your kissing snow photo. so perfectly adorable!


  3. You guys are always out and about and doing fun things! I miss Utah :)