Wednesday, 15 February 2012

valentines day 2012. . .

happy day-after-valentines day!
first of all i must point out that this is the second blog
post that i have done in one week.
personal best.
second, i must also point out that i think this
valentines day just might have topped

when i got home from work logan was home, which was odd
because i always get home before him.
when i walked in the door he was on the phone
and attempted to block my view of
what was set up on the table.
needless to say his large hands did the trick
and i had no idea what he was hiding from me.
after he got off the phone he covered my eyes
and then finally revealed these beauties:

i love tulips!
logan took off for a meeting after he gave me my
surprise and came home a few hours later for our dinner date.
we went to a place in orem called pad thai siam.
it was hands down the best thai food i've ever had.
ironically i didn't take pictures of our meal, but just
imagine a heaping plate of rice, curry & pad thai &
you were basically there.

the rest of the evening was spent snacking on treats
i received earlier that day at school.
can i just tell you that students LOVE
giving away candy & chocolate & gifts?
i was blown away.
this was by far the best gift i received:

in case you didn't know, this is a
stuffed mitten that says "i love you" in sign language.
i think logan was more amused by it than i was.

logan actually surprised me again when he came home for our
dinner date with even more flowers.
his boss had bought a dozen or so bouquets for
all the employees to give to their wives.
i wish his boss would have also bought
new cars and diamond necklaces for all of
the employees to give their wives, but maybe
that's asking a little too much.

for logan's valentine gift i decided to give him
something that i have been planning on getting
around to for like 1.5 years:
a wedding book.
i have thought like 205708476 times about sitting
down and going through our pictures & picking out
the favorites so we can have them all nice &
organized in a lovely little book, but life gets busy.
so i finally sat down & took a trip down memory lane
as i looked over our wedding pics & planned our book.
it turned out amazing & was delivered to my door on
the afternoon of valentines day so i was basically ecstatic.

besides making this book for logan,
this year for valentines day my friend lisa & i made
some cute banners that she saw on pinterest.
we began by cutting out a paper heart to use
as a stencil on our pink & red felt.

after tracing several hearts & cutting them out, we pinned
them onto some white felt and cut out a small border.

we hand-stiched the colored hearts to the white backgrounds
& then cut out some vintage lace to decorate each heart.

we decorated each heart with ribbon, lace, pearls,
buttons & flowers.
it was easy to get carried away with all the stuff we bought.
good thing we had coupons when we hit up joanns:)

when we were done decorating each heart, we glued
them onto a long piece of twine so we
could hang them up!

the banner served as the perfect background for
the valentines-themed family home evening
logan & i hosted the monday before valentines day.

needless today, v-day 2012 was a success!
i still have a sack full of chocolate
& two beautiful bouquets of flowers to
make my house smell like spring.
life is good.


  1. yes! you should post more often!! and your valentine's sounds perfect! tulips are my favorite too!!

  2. Love your idea to make a wedding book for Valentine's Day. I still need to do that. We don't have any of our photos printed or anything. It just seems overwhelming to go through them all!

  3. I.m pretty sure I tell you this every time I post, but I'll tell you again.... I LOVE YOUR BLOG. You are so funny and I love all your pictures. I wish that we were still in Provo so that I could make crafts with you. I miss you!