Tuesday, 27 March 2012

hands on hips. . .

my lovely friend shannon asked me if i would be willing
to pose for some pictures for her darling website gbofashion.com.
i must admit, i was pretty nervous at the idea.
i was even more nervous after i saw the pictures and realized
that i have exactly one pose that i do.
i present to you the "hands on hips".
to check out my awkwardness you should jump
over to shannon's website and become a follower.
you'll find some adorable pictures of her and
get some great style ideas & inspiration :)


  1. I do the same thing.....have zero clue how else to stand in a pic! is your necklace kate spade by chance?

  2. you are working that hand on hip action, maren!!! seriously, these pictures turned out great! yay ;)

  3. I love the skirt you have on! You are definitely hip stylin' that hand on hip pose and cute clothes. I could take some fashion tips from you.

  4. you are beautiful!!! that is a darling outfit. so good to see you the other day, have fun in NYC! it's ok if you hand up on my hip it sometimes, we all do it! there is even a youtube video about it and it's all salt lake girls! check it out you will laugh. xo

  5. You are sooooooo beautiful! You ROCK our skirt!