Thursday, 29 March 2012

in case you haven't heard. . .

logan & i are moving to texas!
san antonio to be exact.

logan will be doing the teach for america program
for 2 years.
after that it will be off to graduate school somewhere else
and onto another adventure:)
we are thrilled!
we've never been to san antonio & we don't know
a soul who lives there, but we are excited
for the change!
bring on the heat, cowboy boots & mexican food.


  1. aww, i might just have to visit you for the mexican food!!!!! yay ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! We spent part of our honeymoon there because we got married in Houston and San Antonio is WAY more fun! You will love the Riverwalk, it's fun shops and restaurants along a river and you can even take rides on it. It's so fun. And of course, the Alamo is a must-see. Unfortunately I don't think we know anyone who lives there, but I will let you know if I find anything else out. You're going to LOVE Texas!

  3. Didja know that Chris and I eventually want to end up in Texas?! (if I can learn to cope with the heat...) Chris went to San Antonio for an Army thing and fell in love with it. I went to Austin last year and loved it. So we both love Texas! And your money goes a LOT further in that state. Win win :) If for some reason you end up being there longer than 2 years we could be neighbors!

  4. eek exciting! you guys will have such a fun adventure!! so fun. xo