Sunday, 29 April 2012

the little move before the big move. . .

 we were sad to move out of our little yellow house a couple
of weekends ago.
logan's parents are kindly letting us shack up with them
for a few months before we make the big move
to texas in july.
i would have loved to live in our little house until making the
big move, but there's not a whole lot you can do when your lease us up!
until we make the big move were are trying to enjoy the beginnings 
of spring here in provo.
recent activitires have included frozen yogurt at the park
and attending my niece's spring preschool performance.

as excited as i am about moving out of utah in a few 
short months, i can't help but feel a little scared at times.
i have absolutely loved being so close to family and there
are a lot of people that we will miss once we move.
however, i know that texas will bring new adventures & opportunities
& i can't wait to explore a new city and meet new friends. 
until then, we are going to try and live it up in little old provo :)


  1. Enjoy it! Sounds like you plan to! We miss Provo soooooo much! Can't wait to see all your future Texas posts!

  2. it's true! it's kind of sad moving away, but i'm excited for the next adventure. you especially will be away from everyone, but i'm excited for you guys!!!
    love that picture of you two in front of the house!