Tuesday, 3 April 2012

4 years and counting. . .

2 weekends ago logan & i went to salt lake
& ran in a 5k my mom helps plan each year.
this is the 4th year in a row i have done the race.
check out last year's experience here.
ironically, my mom has been out of town each year
at the time of the actual race.
this year she was lucky enough to be in town, so we were
able to run the race together for the first time!
in case you didn't know, my mom is basically amazing
and she LOVES to run.
she and my dad have competed in marathons
from St. George to Boston.
basically, my mom is legit.

my mom is so legit that i was actually quite nervous
at the prospect that she would be running the race
this year and could potentially (and most likely)
kick my butt.
long story short- she did :)
logan & i got to the start of the race like all of
the other participats: a bus picked us up
at the east high school track and took us to the top
of the hill where the race started.
did my mom take the bus with us?
she decided to run about 2 miles to the start.
before the race started my mom was talking to a bunch
of the people in the crowd that she knew.
logan & i entertained ourselves by taking pictures
of the 2 oldest men i think i've ever seen at the start
of a race.
don't you love how the man on the right is going
to run the race in his nicely ironed khaki pants?

the race started and my mom was nowhere to be found.
logan & i were running at a pretty fast pace
& i was feeling pretty good.
then, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted my mom.
she was pounding that pavement, taking off like a little pink fairy
in her white and pink lulu lemon jacket.
i hatched a brilliant plan to run right behind her, so i could
keep her pace and then pass her right at the last
minute as we crossed the finish line.
i thought i was genius for the first mile or so, but then
my mom started to speed up.
not only did she speed up, but she took off.
i could not keep up with my own mother.
she left logan & i in the dust.
i'm sure logan could have kept up with her, but i asked
him to run with me & he obliged like a good husband.
needless to say, by the end of the race i could see my mom standing
at the finish line.
logan & i finished in about 25 minutes-a minute
slower than my time last year and about 3 minutes
slower than my mom.

we stuck around to see the official times & to check
and see if we placed.
i am proud to say that my mom came in 1st place
for her age division.
her age division will not be disclosed, but let's just
say she is "over-the-hill".

i might not be able to beat my own mother in a 5k, but
at least I beat Keith- age 70.


  1. CUTIES!! Way to go sista! and way to go for your mom!

  2. I don't know, a 25 minute 5k sounds pretty good to me! Way to go. You and Logan should join us for the Utah Valley Half! If you just barely ran that race in that time I don't think you're behind me at all in training.

  3. I absolutely loved reading this post! I love your mom. She is just amazing!! I also love that we are legally related now!

  4. So impressed with you, runner girl! Looks fun!

  5. Wow! I think of myself as a "ranner" not a "runner" anymore! Thanks for the kind words and for supporting Running of the Leopards! Lylm (that's: love you like a mom!!)

  6. Your mom (my aunt! :) ) is a rock star. I wish I could run like you girls! I run 10 feet and then get a stitch in my side...

    See you in a couple weeks!!!

  7. hahahaha, so proud that you beat the 70 year old. you are too funny! and your mom is definitely legit!!!

  8. you are so funny! Keith is my hero. And on a side note- i'm obsessed with lululeon!