Saturday, 9 June 2012

our first adventures in san antonio. . .

logan & i took a trip to san antonio to find an apartment.
logan is still there completing training for his job, so i am here
in good old provo awaiting his return.
i think it's safe to say that our first adventures in san antonio
were indeed a success.
i really fell in love with the area and i can't wait to go back!
here is a synopsis of our texas adventures:

we went to the airport bright and early.
logan was sporting his bright blue hawaiian flower luggage.

one of the very first things we did in san antonio was hit up
the spurs/okc playoff game.
needless to say-it was logan's favorite part of the trip.
it was actually pretty overwhelming at the game.
those spurs fans don't mess around!
it was the LOUDEST game i've ever been to.
they gave everyone white spurs shirts to wear during the game.
logan was actually cheering for okc-but there was no way
in hades he was going to let anyone around him know
that he was cheering for the other team, so he kept a low profile
during the game and kept his fist pumps to a minimum
whenever okc scored.

my favorite part of our trip was enjoying the river walk.
it was gorgeous!
restaurants and shops line a river that flows right in the 
heart of down town san antonio.
they have river taxis that can take you and drop you off
wherever you would like.
we saved riding in a river taxi for another time, but we
enjoyed strolling along the river enjoying 
the amazing mexican food.

while eating along the river walk, a little mariachi band
came to our table and offered to serenade us while we ate.
they made an interesting song choice.
"i need you baby" by lauren hill.
i was hoping for something in spanish or something, but i guess
they thought us gringos wouldn't appreciate that.
while they were singing logan and i looked at each other
with wide eyes that screamed "this is both hilarious
and awkward at the same time".
i guess you had to be there.

our texas adventure continued when we drove 2 hours
to the coast and went to the beach in corpus christi.
when we first arrived we walked around a little pier that
overlooked a boat dock.

we then headed to a little shop that had everything
from a-z for fun on the beach.

we drove to padre island and enjoyed the sandy goodness.
logan was literally a fish in the water.
the second we got there i had to force him to wait for
a few seconds to put some sunscreen on before he took off
toward the water.
i enjoyed laying in the sun while logan dove in and out
of the waves with a huge grin on his face.
he convinced me to get in with him for about 10 minutes
and i couldn't stop laughing at how much he loved
being in the water. 
we are excited to plan more trips to the beach once
we get back there.

on our last day in san antonio we went to the alamo.
i'm glad we got to see this unique piece of texas
history, and it will be fun to take people there when
they come to visit us :)

in between all our adventures we did manage to spend some
time apartment hunting.
we found a place in a beautiful area called stone oak.
our place is about a mile away from the temple and 
it's pretty much perfect.
the one thing that's going to take me some time
to get used to is how HUMID it is there.
it wasn't totally unbearable, but it was pretty much close.

we cant wait to get back to san antonio together to start setting up our place! 
and logan can't wait to buy some cowboy boots :)


  1. Very exciting! Looks like a great trip!

  2. Can't wait to come visit : )

  3. Ditto what Ashley and SJ said - looks like fun and we want to visit!

    Awesome that you're so close to the temple.

  4. what a fun trip together!

  5. aw, it looks like so much fun! i'm excited for my first adventure to texas to be coming to visit you guys. this place looks incredible!!!
    xo TJ