Monday, 26 November 2012

thanksgiving in raleigh. . .

 our trip to north carolina was pretty much amazing.
we spent time with family, ate amazing food and got
to see our adorable new niece caroline for the first time!

logan & i headed to NC a day earlier than the rest of our family
because logan was itching to show me some of the houses
he grew up in when he lived in fayetteville. 
we stayed at a cute bead and breakfast in pinehurst our first night.
to say that i fell in love with that town would be an understatement.
it was quaint & cozy & awesome & i want to go back!

 i'd never been to NC before but the first thing i noticed were all the treeeees!
they are ginormous and cover like every inch of the state!

first up on our tour in fayetteville were logan's schools.
ironically he admitted to hating both of them, but we couldn't pass
up an opportunity to relive the glory days of awkward teenage-ness.
even though he said he hated his schools, i could see the longing in his eyes
to be back on those tennis courts.

next we checked out the three houses logan & his family lived in.
once again, i fell in love with the trees & the lake & all the 
gorgeous fall leaves.
at this point i pretty much shed a tear when i thought about having to go
back to san antonio where there isn't a fall leaf in sight & the
temperatures are still in the 70's.

i liked the horse that lived just a few yards away from his first house.
logan was 88% sure that it was the same horse that lived there when he did.
he would apparently pet the horse as he waited for the 
bus each morning.
in the words of logan, "that horse and i had a bond".

 after the tour de fayetteville, we headed to raleigh to meet up
with the big SJ to stay with her in-laws. 
my parents & my grandmas flew in from utah thanksgiving day
to celebrate with everyone.

between thanksgiving meals, playing games & just hanging out
with the fam, we had time so squeeze in some other fun
activities while in raleigh.

logan bonded with roxy & made me officially dog-crazy.
i want a little yuppy dog so bad now it's insane.
just look at the way roxy is gazing at logan.
pure love & joy right there.

we tried goodberry's frozen custard.
for those of you who know nielsen's frozen custard
in utah i would dare say that goodberry's is just as good if not better!
i was quite pleased with my chocolate/cookie dough creation & my
mom was on cloud 9 with her jumbo-sized concoction. 

we also went to Duke and checked out the incredible campus.
the old buildings were so pretty!
if logan went to business school there i would not complain:)

 one of the things i enjoyed doing most in raleigh was
taking early morning runs and checking out all the beautiful houses!
if i can live in a big beautiful southern home i will die a happy woman!
some of these houses were like straight out of pinterest people-no lie!

the trip ended with caroline's baby blessing.
her dad, tyler gave her a beautiful blessing & she didn't make a peep
during the whole thing which everyone was a little nervous about:)
baby caroline has the cutest little face & her expressions are priceless!

to recap:
1. thanksgiving was delicious 
2. baby caroline is the cutest niece ever
3. north carolina has stolen my heart


  1. LOVE this post! I'm so glad you had a great time. I still can't believe you and SJ are married and that she has a baby.

  2. I love all of these pictures! I've always had this strange fascination with NC and want to end up living there someday. Why? I don't even know. But its siren song is getting harder to resist. Adam is there RIGHT NOW interviewing for residency programs. He interviewed at Duke today and loved it! Maybe we'll see you there!

  3. So fun! Looks like an awesome trip... Ben's twin is going to Duke for residency this summer, we would love to be in NC too!! :)

  4. Oh gosh, I've never been to NC but I want to go now too! I didn't realize there were so many trees! And if I could live in houses like that I would die happy too ;)

  5. Best thanksgiving ever! Thanks for coming : )

  6. It IS a beautiful state and you did a great job showing it off!!

  7. Vance says: great pictures. We enjoyed your moms visit at the hospital and the wonderful flowers.