Saturday, 10 November 2012

playing catch up. . .

wow, i am failing epically at updating our blog.
i started to blog because i was slacking in the journal writing department 
and wanted to find a different way to keep track of all the random/funny/lovely
adventures we like to have.
so without further adieu, here are 2 posts about life lately. . .

first on the agenda- halloween!
if you know logan & i, you know that we LOVE halloween.
we may or may not win first place at my niece's
halloween birthday party every year in the
costume contest.
i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm usually a man when i dress up.
2006- boy scout
2007- british bobby
2008- the biker in YMCA
2010- old man from UP
i rest my case.

last year logan & i actually had a "couples costume"
in which i was a female.
bert and mary poppins thank you very much.

 this year some friends from work & i wanted to do
a group costume for our "character book parade" at school.
in order to respect the wishes of families who don't
celebrate halloween and costumes, etc. the school
invites the kids to dress up as a character from their
favorite book!
my friends and i decided to go with peter pan.
take a wild guess who ended up being peter.

 tinkerbell, wendy, nana the dog & i had a great time
getting into character at school.
one little girl asked me if i was robin hood or peter piper.
for reals.
maybe she's never read/seen peter pan.
speaking of reading the book-one of us was supposed to
find the story of peter pan and bring it to school.
we may or may not have forgotten that part. . . so we improvised.
the kids never knew the difference.

because i was dressing up as peter i figured logan could
just be another character from the story.
he didn't want to be captain hook but that didn't leave
us too many other characters for him to choose from, so we watched
an all time classic, "hook" & decided he could be rufio.
rufio! rufio! ru-fi-oooooooooo!!!
i think i yelled that like 590 times as i made 
logan's costume. . .

i thought our version of rufio/peter turned out pretty legit.
i admit we went on the cheap to make everything.
i found a pattern to sew my hat online and bought some felt
for $1 at hobby lobby.
i spend a good hour or so dusting off my sewing machine
& putting the hat together.
when it was finished i put it on my head & was dumbfounded when it was too small.
like waaaaaay to small.
i then realized the tutorial i found online was from a mom who
made the hat for her 5 year old son.
so another dollar later i had more felt and a hat that actually fit.
we found shirts and just cut them up neverland style.
the bone necklace for logan was super cheap and easy & i used pants
i already owned. 
logan used my soccer socks for his red shoes & found some
black pants at goodwill that he loves & i despise.
he wouldn't let me rip holes in the jeans for the costume because
he wants to wear them "in real life".
that's another story for another day.
we threw some red in logan's hair & voila- he was rufio!
overall halloween was awesome.
logan dominated in "chubby pumpkin" at our friends house
& i made some cookie dough dip that was delicious!

next up on the agenda- logan's birthday!
last year i threw logan a big party with a bunch of DIY projects.
i made logan a big breakfast when he woke up & served it on
the famous "you are special today" plate.
best wedding gift ever!
it's amazing how special you really do feel when eating off it :)

logan told me he would be home around 7:30 so i was a little
shocked when he called a little after 6 & said he was on his way.
i had planned to make logan a pie for his birthday because he 
really likes it.
last year we had a bunch of different pies for his birthday that
family & friends brought over & it was awesome.
i emailed logan's mom asking her for some pie-making tips
because i had never made one by myself & i was slightly terrified.
i decided to make it the day before his birthday so that if anything
went terribly wrong i would still have time to fix it.
i was glad for the helpful tips from logan's mom because i would have
truly been lost without them! 
mixing up the crust was easy.
rolling out the dough was fine.
but picking it up & getting it into the pie dish in one piece?

i was literally laughing out loud whilst piecing together the crust.
it took me like an hour.
i opened the cherry filling and got even more nervous because the
pie wasn't filled right up to the top like i wanted.
i ended up using the rest of a frozen berry mix we use
for smoothies & it filled it up right to the top.
crisis averted. 
doing the lattice top was the thing i was dreading the most.
they just seem so difficult and time consuming to
me for some reason.
i didn't weave the pieces over & under each other
which probably would have taken me like 2 years but it 
still came out looking kind-of like a lattice top which was fine by me :)

after it baked i had to figure out what in the world i was going to do with
it so it wouldn't be discovered.
i ended up taking it out and letting it cool down and then i just put
it back in the oven covered with foil overnight.
why on earth would logan ever decide to just walk up to the
oven and open it, right?
the evening of his actual birthday he came home & we had some delicious
honey lime chicken enchiladas.
my sister gave me the recipe & it has quickly become a favorite
dish in the theodore home. 
thanks SJ :)

i was scurrying around the house somewhat like a mad-woman
while i set the table, put out gifts etc.
i had just hung up the happy birthday banner i made last year
when log walked  through the door.
right then i remembered that i had taken the pie out of the oven and
put it in the cupboard while the enchiladas were baking.
the cupboard.
how was i going to get him to open to cupboard to discover the pie?
after we ate & opened gifts, i told logan i was going to do a magic trick
for his birthday but i needed a plate.
totes lame but he fell for it.
he actually looked excited and got up to get one.
he opened the cupboard, reached for a plate and shut the door.
really? i thought. 
he didn't even notice the pie.
he paused for a few seconds & then turned around & discovered it.
he was more excited about the prospect of a magic trick apparently.
when i told him i really didn't have a trick planned he actually
looked disappointed.
sorry log:)
happy 26th birthday!


  1. Your costumes are always wicked cool! I really need to be more creative about ours next year... give me some ideas :)


  2. That pie was delicious, I could just see by looking at it. The berries probably made it extra good, and I never lace the lattice either!

  3. Look at that pie! And you NEED to blog more. I miss you both.
    And let's not talk about how absolutely perfect your costumes are! LOVE it!!!!

  4. lol! No magic trick? That seriously made me laugh out loud! That's totally something Jonathan would do too!