Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer in Utah. . .

the past 2 weeks in utah have been an absolute blast.
i've been on cloud 9 with all the friends & family 
i've been able to hang out with:)
when i got to utah the first thing we did was celebrate
my mom's birthday & my grandparent's 60th
wedding anniversary!
lots of family flew in for the event & it was

obviously one of my first meals back in utah was a giant
burrito from cafe rio.
tanya and i were pretty dang excited about it:)
we also hit up macey's for a king kong ice cream.
it is kind of hilarious how excited i get about food, but whatevs.

my little brother, james is officially a BYU cougar now!
i helped him move down to P-town & i was pretty much a baby
because of how nostalgic i got.
we walked around campus & i may or may not have gotten a little
too excited when i started showing him around, telling him
where to eat & where to hang out, etc.
james had never been to j-dawgs so we obviously went there for lunch:)

whilst in provo i also got a chance to hang out with
logan's mom for her birthday!
we got some sandwiches & headed up to sundance.
sundance is gorgeous no matter what time of the year it is.
the entire time i was just wishing there could be mountains
like this in san antonio :(
i miss the mountains so much!

i got to take my niece, alli to the princess festival one afternoon.
we almost melted because of the scorching heat, but we still
met all the princesses & alli even got her face painted:)
i felt kinda bad for the girls dressed up as the princesses.
 i thought i was hot-but i couldn't imagine wearing a giant
ball gown with the blistering sun beating down on me.
needless to say, i had a lot of respect for those princesses.

a trip to provo wouldn't be complete without a stop at 7-peaks.
i'm pretty sure allllll the people in provo were there that day.
the temp was about 103 degrees so it makes sense that everyone & their
dog came that day, but it was pretty much a joke.

i hit up the utah arts festival with my friends in SLC which was awesome.
i had the best strawberry gelato i've had since i went to italy.
no joke.

i've had a blast hanging out with my friends.
it has totally felt like summer with all the pool time, hikes & random
outdoor activities we've been doing (i.e. zumba class on the 
rooftop of lululemon).

i finally got to meet baby william!
paige & i haven't seen eachother in forrrreeeveeerrrr so i
was super excited to finally meet her little man.
i'm sad she is moving back to utah & i won't be here :(

tomorrow i'm off to china to meet up with logan!
i am soooo excited to see him & explore shanghai:)
bye utah!

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  1. Oh my! 103??! I would have died!!!! All of these pictures are so much fun! You should have put some of your Vine videos in here too! SOOO funny! Eric and I keep watching them ;)