Monday, 17 June 2013

time for summer. . .

it's officially summer time!
we are soooooo ready for a break from school!
i feel like it's been summer for a while because so many
things have happened over the past week, but the 
truth is that summer is just beginning and i can't wait
to have the best summer everrrr!

logan & i celebrated the end of the school year
with dinner downtown at our favorite mexican restaurant.
we were feeling especially happy so some spontaneous jumping
pics occurred.
as we were awkwardly taking pics of each other an old
man who looked just like santa claus walked over
to us and said, "do you want me to get a picture of you
two being weirdo's together?"
we said yes, but unfortunately the santa man wasn't a good photographer.

on the last teacher work day i made cupcakes for morgan because
she got a new job.
we found some pretty good gems whilst cleaning out the classrooms 
that day & probably had a little too much fun :)
i'll miss working with you morgan! 
good luck at your new school!

the day after school was out for summer i headed up to girl's camp
with the awesome young women in my ward!
i was camp director & honestly had a blast getting everything
ready & getting to know the girls better at camp.
i remember going to girls camp when i was that age (which honestly
wasn't that long ago) but i
definitely didn't remember how loud it was!
i think i am partially deaf in one ear.

the theme for girl's camp was "oh the places you'll go".
each individual cabin had their own little dr. seuss character/story.
i was with the cindy-loo-who group so we obviously had to
get our who-hair on for dinner one night:)
the amount of hair spray we used was probably enough to
supply a small village for a year.

the day girl's camp was over logan & i got to celebrate 
harrison's 2nd birthday!
it was SO adorable & morgan is officially the queen of DIY cuteness;)

our summer has been amazing thus far & we can't wait for
the rest of it!
we are heading to china this summer!
logan has a consulting opportunity there which is going to be
quite the adventure.
so, it is off to utah for a few weeks for me & then off to china
to meet up with him.
shanghai here we come!


  1. We will miss your guts. But I will read your blog forever, no matter where you live and secretly hope that our paths will cross again. Your year long visit to be with all of us here in San Antonio was well timed. Thanks for everything. You are amazing at everything you do.