Tuesday, 5 July 2011

4th of july. . .

i always forget how much i love the 4th of july.
every year it is pretty much the same routine:

the family runs the freedom run, watches the parade,
has a BBQ, goes to a movie & watches fireworks.

even though we do pretty much the same thing every year, i always
look forward to the next summer when my famil
y gets together
and does the exact same thing!

this year was no exception.

the family ran the freedom run:

we watched the parade:

we had a BBQ:

we saw the movie cars 2 and walked around the car show outside the theater:

and we saw fireworks!

although there aren't any pictures- let me assure you that logan & i had
a front row seat to a pretty intense fire work show.
our neighbors down the street decided to have their very own
fire work display in the area right where our bedroom window is.
let's just say they carried on into the wee hours of the night
and our room was illuminated with bright colors and LOUD booms.

overall it was a great 4th.
it was fun to see family and do the same things we do every year.
can't wait till next year for the exact same thing!

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