Monday, 25 July 2011

book review. . .

i finished the good earth last week.
it was terrific!

it's the story of a man living in china.
the story basically centers around two things: his family & his land.
the book starts off on the day of his marriage, and ends when
he is an old man.
the book is great in how it describes man's connection to the land.
throughout the entire book, this man's poverty or wealth is
directly related to how well his land produces rice, wheat, vegetables, etc.
growing up as a poor fa
rmer, he makes it his goal to own
lots of land and to have a great house for his family.
in the end, his land and his ric
hes get the best of him and
his family sort of falls apart.
i would give this book a 5 on a 1-5 scale.
it provides an interesting insight into Chinese culture and it's just
and ent
ertaining story!

logan & i are off to Seattle for the week :)
my cousin is getting married & i am so excited!
promise to take some good pics and throw them up here asap.
i needed to decide on a good book for the road trip up there
but i got busy packing & stuff at the last minute so i didn't have
time to hit up
the library.
i scoured our shelf of books and decided to read. . .

m roll please)

i know i know- i have heard all the accusations about how greg mortenson
is a fake & he embellished his stories, etc.
but i have heard it's a good
book and i have read basically
everything else on our little book shelf.
hopefully it will be a good read for the 14 hour road trip.
we are driving with my grandparents which should be fun.
logan is just e
xcited to drive their car:

he is also secretly hoping that the
y will fall asleep early on so he
can drive as fast and as reckless as his little heart desires.
he has "joked" about giving them some sleeping pills in their sodas
at the first rest stop we pass.
speaking of logan- today is our 11 monthiversary!
one more month till our first anniversary!
i couldn't be more excited:)

have a good week!
we are off to seattle!

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