Wednesday, 13 July 2011

world cup soccer. . .

i cannot believe what an incredible women's soccer team
USA has this year!
for those of you who have been following the world cup in germany- it has
been a pretty intense series of games!
the quarter-final game against brazil was insane.
let me just recap for anyone who hasn't been following.

the US scored within the first 70 seconds of the match.
later, our player got a red card and was sent off the field.
brazil got a PK and our keeper, hope solo, blocked the goal.
the ref called for a re-kick and said solo had moved before the
player kicked the ball.
marta scored the PK for brazil and tied the game.
the score was 1-1 in regulation play, and we went into overtime.
marta scored again with one of her players clearly offsides, but no
call was made.
as the overtime neared its final seconds, a brazilian player suddenly fell to the
ground holding her back.
she wasted about 3 minutes of time while they carried her off on a stretcher.
then she magically recovered and jumped off the stretcher and
came back into the game.
the ref gave her a yellow card for wasting time.
then, with about 2 minutes left in overtime, rapinoe made a beautiful cross
from left field and wambach headed it into the goal!
we went to PK's, and it was all tied up.
solo blocked one of brazil's shots and it was down to krieger
who made her goal!
USA won the game in PK shots after playing 55 minutes a man down!

USA played france today and won 3-1!
this will be the first time the team has made it to the
finals of the world cup since 1999!
they will either play japan or sweden in the final.
hope solo, our keeper is officially my new hero.
she is amazing.

i hope everyone watches the final on sunday.
it is going to be unreal.
i would give pretty much anything to be able to go to this game.
it's not too much to ask, right?
a trip to germany, world cup tickets, food, a hotel. . .

i guess a girl can dream.
go USA!!!

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