Monday, 10 October 2011

finally fall. . .

it pretty much changed seasons overnight here in provo.
last week it was 70 degrees and sunny, and then i literally
woke up to rain and 50 degree weather.
while i would have liked to have a little more of a transition into fall, i must
admit that i am thrilled that my favorite season is here :)
so far our fall season has included the following:

cheering on our football team!

buying pumpkins for the porch.
(technically the little white one is a squash but it looked fall-ish to me)

baking cinnamon rolls.
i wish my house could smell like cinnamon goodness all the time!

finally getting to wear my hunter boots:)
i have literally been waiting for hot weather to end so i could wear these.
i'm obsessed, i'll admit it.

made a trip to halloween city.
if you don't have one close to you i feel bad for you.
halloween is my favorite holiday & if you don't think halloween
is a real holiday then we probably shouldn't be friends.
i love dressing up and finding costumes & i love seeing what
other people choose to dress up as even more.
our costumes for this year are in the works as we speak :)

i think it will be pretty hard to top last years costume, but
we will try our best.
(in case you don't know who were are- go watch the movie UP!)

besides the treats, halloween costumes & pretty leaves, i love
fall because it's the season logan & i started dating :)
we had 2 classes together and some of our friends got together to
carve pumpkins in the middle of october.
this is officially the first picture of logan & i ever taken!
don't we look like babies?!
and by "we" i mean logan.

logan thought it would be a good idea to
carve a pumpkin to look like our teacher's face.
i went with it.
i remember he asked me to carve his hair.
how to do you give a pumpkin hair?
i was nervous because i didn't want him to think it was lame/have no
artistic or creative ability whatsoever.
i was terrified while trying to give that pumpkin the best
head of hair i knew how to carve.
i apparently impressed him because we ended up talking
till 3am that night and as they say, the rest is history!

this was our finished pumpkin that was supposed
to resemble our teacher, along with the pumpkin our friends carved.
theirs says 'LOW SES'.
as in low socioeconomic status.
it was supposed to be scary.
we are sociology majors...we thought it was hilarious.
logan actually brought the pumpkin to class and showed it to our teacher.
we thought he would love it and give us extra credit or something.
he laughed awkwardly and i could tell he was wondering why we would
take the time to carve a pumpkin that looked like his face.

i now hold a special place in my heart for pumpkin carving.
i'll be sure and take pics of the pumpkins we carve up this year:)


  1. You know, I don't think I ever knew that's how you and Logan met! I love it! Halloween is my favorite holiday too. Candy candy candy :) And pumpkin everything!

    PS - I think we're coming to UT for Thanksgiving - will you be around?

  2. Maren! I remember that night oh so well.

    Ashleigh and I started to feel really awkward when we realized it would be evenly split boys and girls and it would seem like we had set you guys up on a date. We seriously had a conversation like, "are they gonna think this is awkward? i feel so bad!" But I'd like to think that deep down we new exactly what we were doing. Can't wait for my namesake!

    Love you both and I'm still really happy about this union!

  3. You get prettier every day, Maren.

  4. Where'd ya get the sweet old school BYU shirts? I want! You look real pretty in those pics btw