Monday, 31 October 2011

happy halloween. . .

this halloween was filled with pumpkin head kick ball, parties & treats:)
allow me to elaborate on each of these events.
last friday, logan & i took wilbert & nuvia to the park to play
pumpkin head kickball.
if you are confused it's ok, but the game is exactly as it sounds:
you put a pumpkin on your head and play kickball.

kickball is already somewhat of a challenge for me.
for some reason i always manage to kick the ball sky-high, making it
extremely easy for someone to catch it and get me out.
imagine trying to kick a ball with a pumpkin on your head.
first of all, the pumpkin is moist and wet and nasty inside.
second, you can't really see while you are attempting to kick/run.
third, it feels like you've added 5 pounds to your brain as you
try and run with the pumpkin on your head.
and fourth, you basically can't see anything.
i adopted the technique of running while holding onto the pumpkin
that surrounded my whole head.
i can say with 100% confidence that i looked like a complete idiot.
but so did everyone else so it was ok.

logan & i also went to our ward's halloween party.
it was the first "married" activity we have been to in a while because
logan has been serving in the bishopric of a single's ward.
logan & i went as marry poppins and bert the chimney sweep.
we were feeling pretty good about our costumes walking into the party.
who else would think of such an amazing costume?
well. . .great minds think alike:)
we were pleasantly surprised to see another couple that had
the same idea as us:)
i will admit that there was a part of me that desperately wished
we were the only mary and bert in the room, but we
ended up having a good laugh about it & had a blast at the party.
we almost talked the "berts" into doing a little
"step in time" dance in front of everyone, but they chickened out.

today at work i was on cloud nine seeing all the kids
dressed up in their halloween costumes.
i thought about going to work in my costume for like 1.5 seconds, but then
i remembered that i'm 23 not 16.
so i do what 23 year olds do best and decided to make some treats instead!
my friend lisa came over with a recipe for these cute
rice krispie pumpkin treats.
surprisingly, neither one of us had ever made rice krispie treats before, but we
managed to create these cute little pumpkins just fine.
thanks again lisa!

the night ended with a surprise dinner with logan:)
he got off work and said he wanted to take me out to a place
we hadn't been to yet.
we pulled up to a place on univeristy ave called the spice grill.
it's an indian-style place that has everything from spicy noodles
to indian style burgers.
i got a giant plate of spicy noodles and a mango shake.

overall this year's halloween had me in heaven.
we only had about 6 trick-or treaters come to our door
which was a little disappointing however.
i now have a heaping pile of tootsie rolls and rolos that will
obviously end up in my stomach over the next few weeks or so.
i remember going trick-or-treating as a youth.
for some reason i bought into the whole trend of taking a pillow case.
did i honestly think that i would hit enough houses and get
enough candy to fill one of those things?
i remember those pillow sacks half way filled with candy would
last a few weeks or so.
my sibs and i would eat pieces here and there throughout
the weeks after halloween, but sundays were the pig out days.
i remember racing home from church, changing into pajamas, & meeting
up with my brother and sister in the basement and literally
stuffing our faces while sitting in front of the tv.
what a happy childhood.

hopefully all of you had a happy halloween as well:)
i am already looking forward to next year.


  1. oh my gosh i seriously love that you guys did pumpkin head kick ball! that is hilarious! and exactly one of the reasons why you are my friend :) and don't worry i thought your idea to be mary poppins and the chimney sweep guy was really original. you were the first person i saw with the costume! ps i was definitely disappointed about the lack of trick or treaters at my house too but i'm always happy to have leftover candy :)

  2. Looks like a wicked fun Halloween :) You're so nice to make your kids those rice crispies - they look delish!

  3. Pumpkin head kick ball actually sounds kind of fun! Maybe next year. Glad those treats turned out, that was fun.

  4. all of these photos are fabulous! and umm, why weren't eric and i invited to this awesome pumpkin head kick ball thing, haha
    xo TJ

  5. your mary and bert cosyumes were way better than the other people's. i'm glad you had such a great halloween!