Monday, 17 October 2011

it's costume time. . .

it's halloween time and halloween time means costumes:)
i have always loved dressing up for halloween.
i can remember almost every costume i've worn since i was like 5.
kitten, bride, witch, BYU cheerleader, waitress, vampire, crayon..the list goes on.
i'm lucky to have a niece that has a birthday is around halloween!
for the past couple of years we have attended my nieces'
halloween themed costume party, and for
the past couple of years logan & i have won the costume contest:)
for this year's costume i wanted to actually be something feminine.
the last four halloweens i have been:
an old man, a biker, a british police officer, and a boy scout.
i needed to mix it up this year.
i found this picture on Pinterest & it became my inspiration:

marry poppins & bert the chimney sweep!
after a little convincing logan decided he would do it.
he was not excited about the idea i had to smudge eye liner
on his face so it would look like he had been sweeping chimneys.
here is our version:

i literally found everything i needed for my costume
at my grandma's house:)
the hat, blouse, skirt, boots, gloves & bag all came from her!
i bought some fake flowers to put on the hat and got a bow for
50 cents at DI to complete the look!
we basically bought everything for logan at the DI.
we got his his neck tie rag, shirt, jacket & hat for around $13.
he wore his own pants and shoes, & made his chimney sweep all by himself!
we went to the dinky halloween isle at Smith's and
logan found a broken devil's pitch-fork that they gave us for free.
we bought some black pipe cleaners and logan whipped up his
sweep in about 10 minutes!

logan & i ended up in a tie for 1st place in the costume
contest this year at my niece's party.
my mom and dad came in the following costume:

my mom & i may or may not be very competitive people, and we may
or may not have been talking about our costumes
for weeks before the party.
she wanted to beat me & i wanted to beat her in the contest.
ironically we tied, but she admitted that mine was
the better costume:)

the party was fun & we enjoyed every minute of it.
i hope logan & i get the chance to wear our costumes at least
a few more times this halloween season.
if you know of any sweet halloween parties in the provo
area let me know:)


  1. maren that is seriously the cutest costume idea! you are so creative! love it!

  2. Dang those are GREAT costumes!! I've worn the same thing since I was 17... I need to get more creative!

  3. You guys looked so incredible in the costume, the judges had such a hard time choosing, they were debating for like a half hour. You guys are such a great couple and I hope you can wear the costume a lot. Thanks again! We loved the travel kit you sent for Alli.

  4. haha, all of these are just so amazing. your costume turned out great. i have to say though, if eric and i showed up as ghosts we may have won...just saying.
    and question, why are these NOT on instagram?!
    xo TJ

  5. I think your outfit is cuter than the one you found on Pintrest! I LOVE your outfit. Miss you!