Tuesday, 31 July 2012

don't mess with texas. . .

we have officially arrived in san antonio!
ok so we have actually been here for about a week
and a half, but we just got the internet yesterday and i
finally feel like we are settling in for real
so it was time for an update :)

we left provo after a fun dinner date with my mom
at the quintessential provo dining experience: brick oven.
after dinner we packed up the rest of our things
and hung out with logan's family.
it was very surreal looking at our uhaul and realizing
that our entire life was packed inside of it.

we had originally planned to have logan drive the uhaul and
i would drive our car.
i was a little nervous about driving alone for our 2 day journey
and after crunching some numbers we figured out
it would end up being cheaper to just pull
our car on a dolly.
we saved money and we didn't have to drive separately!

while it was a win-win situation, driving the uhaul pulling
our car behind us was S-C-A-R-Y.
i am not even exaggerating when i say that as we pulled
away from provo in the wee hours of the morning, logan was
pretty terrified and drove about 35 mph max.
after a few hours he loosened up and was able to drive a 
teeny bit faster and enjoy the scenery of the drive.
i brought books and the ipad to keep us entertained
during the 2 day drive, but we just ended up talking
the whole time and enjoying the pretty views.

this little man also kept me entertained during the drive.
i think they must have used logan as the inspiration 
for this cartoon.
every time i looked at it i couldn't help but laugh.
logan was less entertained by the thought.

during the middle of our drive on the 2nd day of traveling, i had 
the most intense craving for a doughnut i've ever experienced.
i don't ever crave doughnuts but i couldn't get them
out of my mind for some reason.
i told logan i didn't care if it was a doughnut from a 
7-11, i just had to have one.
in a miraculous miracle, we decided to take the next exit and 
i was delighted to see a doughnut shop right next
to the gas station!

needles to say-it pretty much hit the spot!
my craving for doughnuts didn't strike again at any
point during our journey.
if it did i'm glad to know i have a husband who will
indulge my ridiculousness:)

when we got to our apartment we were SUPER excited.
our complex was recently built so everything is clean and new.
it was nice walking into a bright beautiful apartment
after a long 2 day drive.
and by that i mean the logan drove the whole way.
i offered to drive, but apparently he didn't trust
my skills because he thought it wasn't a good idea.
i didn't really complain though :)

one of the first things i knew i wanted to do for our new place
was some sort of DIY piece that logan & i could do together.
i got some ideas on pinterest and decided we should just do
something simple with some fun colors.
i love how it turned out!
we found our nearest hobby lobby (as i have said before it's pretty
much my happy place) and got some 
paint brushes, acrylic paints, a canvas and tape.
total cost was around $30.

first we used to tape to create some interesting lines and shapes.
then we mixed up some of the colors to make them a little 
more interesting and original and started to paint!

after it dried, we carefully peeled away the paint and hung it up
over our little table.

it's been so fun settling into our new place in a new city!
we love the location of our apartment and it's fun to discover
something new each day.
i am happy to report that i like san antonio so far and i think
i'll come to love it even more the longer we live here.
we're still getting used the the heat and humidity but watching
the olympics in our nice air-conditioned apartment has
been a good excuse to stay inside :)


  1. I'm not going to lie, the first thing I thought when you said you were craving doughnuts is "Is she pregnant?" :)

    Also, your apartment looks so beautiful! Glad you could fins somewhere that's so nice like that. And such a fun idea to do an art project together. It turned out great, I may have to try it out with Max.

  2. Glad you made it and are getting things set up - your collaborative art is awesome!

  3. aw, i can only imagine driving that uhaul. i was freaking out just letting eric drive by himself not even able to look out the passenger side. and oh brick oven, i sadly miss it already!
    hahahaha, the second i saw that little cartoon driving i started cracking up. seriously, i can't tell you how many times eric and i have been like "this looks like logan, THAT guy is logan's double, etc." love it!
    AH, your apartment looks incredible! loving the kitchen. take more pictures as you get more settled in!!! we are still without a kitchen table or a real bed for that matter. oh well, ha.
    oh gosh, and the piece turned out great. seriously, i need to get into this whole DIY thing. i don't know why i keep resisting! ;)
    oh, and have you guys gone to your awesome pool yet??
    xo TJ

  4. oh, and ditto to Lisa's statement...... ??!?!?!?

  5. Looks like fun!! Such a nice apartment too! Can't wait to hear more updates :)

  6. I miss you both, but it looks so cute and I love that you made your own painting! Nice!!