Thursday, 9 August 2012

summer. . .

our summer is quickly coming to a close and i honestly
can't believe how quickly it's gone by!
time is flying by, but we've still had plenty of time to
hang out, explore our new neighborhood and
put some finishing touches on our new place.

probably the most exciting news as of late
 is that i got a job!
yay for jobs!
i'll be working as a teaching assistant at a specialized
school for children with autism.
i'm SO glad that i was able to secure a job so quickly
and i'm also thrilled that logan & i will both be
working at schools so we will have similar schedules :)
 we decided to stick to a classic and went to 
the cheesecake factory to celebrate.

since work doesn't start officially till the end of 
the month for us both, we have had plenty of time to relax.
we have been enjoying our amazing pool, & logan
has been inspired by the olympics to become the
next michael phelps.
after a mini swim lesson he was actually pretty good:)
look for him in rio 2016.

we ventured out to the down-town area one afternoon
to check out the school logan will be teaching in.
he got pretty excited.
i'm not lying when i say that his school is in the ghetto.
that's pretty much the whole point of teach 
for america though-to get people to teach in 
low-income areas, but there is actually a really beautiful
university just down the street from his school that 
really makes the area a lot prettier.

we decided that since we've become texas residents we might
as well brush up on our texas culture.
thus, we went to the institute of texan cultures and had a grand time.
turns out texans truly are very proud of themselves.
they had an entire instillation at the museum called 
"made in texas" which literally showcased hundreds of 
items/companies/brands that originated in the lone-star state.

one evening we explored an area that had 
a bunch of food and dessert trucks.
the weather actually cooled down a little bit and we
were able to have a fun time without sweating too much :)

perhaps the most exciting thing for logan recently
has been purchasing him a car.
we knew when we came out to texas we would have
to buy another car because we would most likely be working in 
different parts of the city. 
we were able to make one car work in utah with some help
from family and friends, but san antonio is a lot bigger than
provo so it was time to bite the bullet and get
another set of wheels.
logan researched cars for mooooonths before we
found one that was in our budget and would be reliable
enough for the 2 years we are out here.
after test driving some real clunkers we successfully
came away with this little truck that we've named pedro.
logan loves pedro and i love that logan loves pedro.
i won't ever have the pleasure of driving the truck
because it's a stick shift.
oh well :)

other than that, we have really been spending a lot
of time in our new place doing some DIY projects
and putting the details and final touches on our new space.
we feel right at home here and i love our apartment!

i've loved using my new kitchen.
it is literally like 109470387 steps up from my kitchen
in provo-where the cupboards came down so low
i couldn't fit anything on my countertops.
aaaand we actually have a dishwasher!
needless to say, i've had a blast using all the space and
baking some yummy things.

we will be sad when summer is officially over and we 
have to go back to the real world of work and routine.
but until then we will enjoy our new place.
on days like today where the temperatures are insane
and it's like a billion degrees plus %110 humidity, we are 
perfectly content staying inside and catching up
on the olympics, or my favorite show that i recently
converted logan to:

they say july/august is the hottest time of the year with
the worst humidity.
i'm glad to know that this will be the worst of it.
in utah i could stand the heat-but it's the humidity here that
literally has me sweating my guts out by the time i've walked from
our front door to the car.
and don't even get me started on my hair.
i step out the door and in .002 seconds it looks just
like it did when i first woke up.

i've actually contemplated shaving my head so i
won't have to deal with it.
no joke.


  1. hahaha, this post was perfect! you need to do a whole run through of your apartment! i want to see all the fun DIY things you guys have done. of course you got cacti, true texans right there. love that picture of you two in front of the giant lit up texas flag. yay for a new car, and more importantly, YAY for the new job. WOO!!!

  2. I loved so many things about this post, looks like you're having sooo much fun down there and in your apt. But I have to say my favorite part was Downton Abbey. I LOVE LOVE love that show soooo much. A little obsessively. Can't wait for season 3!

  3. What a wonderful post, I loved all of it!!