Wednesday, 29 August 2012

fiesta. . .

i got to fly to utah last weekend to see one of my 
very best friends get married to her high school sweetheart.
it was B-E-A-utiful :)
the high school crew had a blessed reunion that was long overdue.
i love these ladies.

the location was stunning, the ceremony was beautiful & the
 entire fiesta-inspired evening was perfect.
congrats hannah & irving!

we had to take a west high pic with all the bridesmaids & groomsmen.
panthers for life.

in other recent/exciting news, logan & i celebrated the
start of the new school year by exploring a new restaurant
that is %100 the best thing we've found in san antonio thus far.
the janitor at logan's school told us about it-and it did not disappoint :)

the entire ceiling is covered with huge colorful pinatas!
they also had little mariachi bands walking around
playing music for people at their tables.

we quickly decided that we are taking everyone who comes
to visit us to mi tierra.
get excited mom & dad.


  1. I want to come!!!! Ps you look real pretty : )

  2. um, we need to come and visit asap! this place looks incredible! the wedding sounds and looks amazing! (can't wait for all of my high school friends to get married already).
    miss you guys!!!