Monday, 24 September 2012

lazy-ish. . .

 i have been SOOOOO lazy over the past 
several weeks when it comes to blogging & keeping
record of what logan & i have been up to.
i apologize to the 3 people who read actually read this :)
we have actually been doing a lot lately in terms
of exploring good old san antonio.
the parentals are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks
so we've been trying out some new things to make sure
their trip out here is worth while.
some friends at church told us about eisenhower park
which we checked out over labor day weekend.
yes, i know labor day weekend was like 
a month ago, but it's better late than never, right?

so we ventured over to eisenhower park which was HUGE.
it's a maze of trails and pathways and trees and 
lookout points and awesomeness.


a couple of weekends ago our ward had a fiesta.
it may or may not have been on the same night as the
BYU/UTAH football game. 
needless to say-everyone came, ate and left in record
time in order to make it back before kickoff.
the fiesta was a fun way to end the summer season.
we enjoyed some snow cones & watched
the kiddles bust open pinatas. 

the weather here is perhaps the most interesting
thing i have ever encountered.
i LIVE for fall & the change of seasons, therefore i
have been a little depressed due to the lack
of fall weather here in texas.
i've decided that san antonio has 3 temperatures:
1: super hot & humid
2: hot & himid
3: rainy & humid
it is ridiculous!
while i welcome the rain as a change to the typical
sweltering heat here, i am literally praying that i can
figure out a way to make myself get into fall mode.
all i'm asking for is some leaves to change colors or
something-is that too much to ask san antonio?

one rainy sunday we decided to take a walk.
i was loving life because it was actually below 60 degrees
outside and the skies were a lovely overcast.
it was the kind of day that made you want to
put on snuggly socks and drink hot chocolate.
i live for those days.

my heart skipped a beat the other day when i went
grocery shopping and these beauties were piled
high outside of the store.
i want to buy like 1039473 of these pumpkins and spread them
all over san antonio in hopes they'll make the
town feel more fall-ish.

aaaaand last but not least on this lazy/random post- the zoo!
my friend morgan & i hit up the zoo on saturday with her
cute little boy while our husbands were stuck working.
it wasn't deathly hot out which made for a fun afternoon :)

we rode the train through the windy backwoods
of the zoo & were gloriously entertained by the 
creepy train conductor who told awkward
jokes the entire time that you feel the need to give 
a courtesy laugh to.
his repertoire of "jokes" included but were not limited to
comments about vampires, indians & police.

san antonio is being good to us despite the hot
temperatures in mid-september.
we are having a blast exploring the city.
i miss my utah mountains, crisp fall weather & warm clothes,
but i've heard that within the coming months the temperature
here can drop down & it gets pretty cold.
i can hardly wait!


  1. Thanks for the update! I love seeing what you're doing in Texas! You look so pretty in all your pics!

  2. For the record, I am one of the three-ish people that reads this great blog! Love it! San Antonio looks so fun!

  3. I guess I am the 3rd person who reads your blog. JK. I love you and your blog. You need to get together with my two cousins that are there. I'll get you their info. But you look so pretty in all your pictures. And I wish that Texas and Florida were closer so I could see you. I have the same feelings about fall here in Florida. I just wish we had a few days of cold air so I could drink hot chocolate and feel normal about it. LYLAS

  4. Aw, this post made me miss you guys even more. Seriously, every night Eric and I say, "We keep forgetting to call them!" So we definitely need to have a little Skype session soon! Hope the Fall season hits San An. sometime soon!
    Oh, and we need to come and visit you guys. This place looks beautiful!!! :)