Thursday, 11 October 2012

tour de san antonio. . .

my parents came to visit logan & i this past weekend!
it was pretty much the
we loved showing them around the city that we are
currently calling home.
we started off our tour de san antonio with the 2 biggest
tourist attractions the city has to offer:
the alamo & the river walk.

the first day my parents got here they got to experience
some of the lovely hot & sticky weather we have here
 in san antonio on pretty much a regular basis.
i have spoken my peace about the 
humidity & the awful heat that never seems to go away here, but
it actually wasn't too horrible so we were able to eat outside 
without melting :)

 word to the wise-
if you ever eat on the san antonio river walk, do NOT
feed the ducks.
they will never leave you alone if you toss them so much
as a single crumb.
let's just say my mom learned this lesson the 
hard way & she also may or may not have accidentally knocked
the pepper shaker off the table into the river.
after eating lunch we took a ride on a river taxi & had a nice
little tour of the entire river walk area.


 anyone like the movie miss congeniality?
remember the interview scene when miss rhode island was
asked to describe her perfect date and she said april 25th?
well, this is where that scene was filmed.

 because my parents were in town during general conference
we had to make a yummy breakfast for the 
sunday morning session.
my mom has an amazing recipe for french toast with a
 berry sauce so it was an obvious choice. 
conference was amazing & so was the breakfast.

the japanese tea gardens were another stop on our 
tour de san antonio.
logan & i went several weeks ago to check it out & while it
 was hot and muggy a few weeks ago-my parents brought
the fall weather with them on this day & it was chilly enough
outside to wear boots!
boots people!
and a blazer!
my dreams of wearing fall clothing in texas came true on this 
very day & i was pretty much elated.

while at the gardens we were privileged to see a girl
getting pictures taken for her quinceanera.
when i first saw her i literally thought she was a bride because
she was basically wearing a wedding dress.

we hit up the orange leaf a.k.a my new favorite frozen yogurt
joint here in san antonio several times during my parents stay.
i decided if i could only eat one food for the rest of my life
it would be fro yo.

 we took my parents to our favorite restaurant called mi tierra
in the market square area.
the square is filled with little shops and fun booths to peruse. 
my mom may or may not have had a little too much fun
shopping for souvenirs. 

 it was a quick trip for my parents but we were able to pack
in a lot of sight-seeing in just a short amount of time.
if anyone else is interested in visiting us we would love
to give you the tour de san antonio!
thanks for coming mom & dad!
we miss you already :)


  1. That's it, we are coming to visit!!!!

  2. I loved seeing all of these pictures. How fun that your parents came! Vance and I want to come and see you when he has a break in school sometime.

  3. I LOVE that last picture of you two! Should be a Christmas card :) Now excuse me, I'm off to watch Miss Congeniality cuz I love that movie. Fun that you get to be right where it was filmed!

  4. how fun!! p.s. I LOVE Orange Leaf! we have one here in Highland, UT and I go almost everyday!

  5. Gorgeous photos- looks like you all had a great time. That last one of the two of you is fantastic.