Tuesday, 9 April 2013

easter weekend. . .

well i can say with %10,000 confidence that easter weekend 2013
will go down in my books as literally the best/worst weekend EVER.
so here it is.
the good.
the bad.
& the ugly.

the good
logan & i both had good friday off work which was awesome!
we decided to go on a little excursion to a state park called enchanted rock.
the weather was glorious & despite all the wind we bad a blast
exploring all the rocks & trails.
i'm pretty sure logan's hair looked like he had been electrocuted because
of all the wind but he didn't seem to mind :)


so things are still good at this point.
in fact, they got even better!
after our hike we went and explored the little town of fredericksburg.
it's funny how many little german towns there are near san antonio!
the town was really cool-i loved looking at all the shops and 
random stores.

the food was good too!
we ate bratwurst in a little german pub.
logan reminisced of the days when his family lived in Germany.
good times.
we ventured over to a candy store after we ate for dessert.
if you ever go to fredericksburg you must eat fudge from
the lone star candy bar.
i promise you will not regret it!
we may or may not have spent $15 on fudge. . .
we though about trying the chocolate covered bacon for about 2.5 seconds   
but decided to save it for our next trip there:)

in sum-friday was really good, amazingly fun & i thought the rest
of the weekend was going to be equally as glorious.

the bad
i haven't dyed my hair for 7 years.
7 years and not a single drop of anything has altered the color of my locks.
come to think of it-i have pretty much had the exact same hair style
for the past 7 years or so.
long & curly.
long & curly is my happy place.
i understand it & it understands me.
in high school i went from platinum blond to dark brown & everything 
in between-but the last 7 years have been a much needed & welcomed break.
i have no shame in admitting that i am emotionally attached to my hair.
it's kind of my security blanket.
i remember in 7th grade when some bullies on the bus put gum in my hair.
i cried & cried & my mom called the vice-principal & said:
"my daughters hair is her life!"
dramatic yes but sadly it was true.

anyways, i had been getting a little bit of an itch when it came to my hair.
i loved the way it looked but i wanted to do just a little something subtle
to it that would be fun for a little change.
i honestly wrestled with the idea for a long time because i was nervous
to do anything to change my hair.
after a lot of thought i decided to go for it & made an appointment for saturday
with my friend morgan from work.
i was scared/excited all at once at the salon.

this is the picture i showed the stylist.
i told her i wanted to lighten the ends of my hair very subtly in an ombre effect.
i said i didn't want her to color my hair anywhere 
else-i just wanted to lighten the ends a little.

this is what i got:

the ugly
the picture pretty much speaks for itself.
the stylist ruined my hair.
it was fried.
i have already spoken my peace in an online review on yelp, but let me just say that it 
was the WORST experience of my life.
the stylist was unwelcoming and rude.
i feel like she didn't listen at all when i told her what i wanted, even when
i explained to her how nervous i was, etc.
as she was doing my hair i felt like there were little red flags going off 
everywhere that she was NOT in a good mood & did NOT want
to be doing hair that day.
i shrugged it off a little bit and just held to a glimmering hope that i was just
being silly/nervous & she knew exactly what she was doing.
i knew she would be using bleach to get the ombre effect, but she literally left me
in the chair for almost 45 minutes with bleach on my hair.
45 minutes.
every last speck of color was sucked out of my hair.
when she came back and started washing my hair she told me she didn't
have time to dry & style it for me.
my heart stopped.
something was wrong.
she walked me to the chair & my heart literally broke as she 
brushed it out.
even though it was wet i could tell something was horribly wrong.
i just wanted to get out of there & wanted her to get her hands off my head.
i told her it was hard for me to tell what it looked like because it wasn't dry but that
i would come back if i didn't like it.
morgan & i raced back to my apartment & the entire time i was trying to stay positive.
i kept thinking that when it was dry it would be ok.
i literally burst into tears when i saw it.
i even tried curling it but it was literally ruined.
i couldn't even talk i was so upset.
morgan & my sister called the salon on my behalf because i was so distraught.
they weren't very nice-said they didn't do refunds & they would make an
appointment at their other salon's location so i could get it fixed.
i was mortified.
i couldn't even look in the mirror because of how ugly i felt.
this sounds dramatic but i honestly felt awful.
the worst part was that it was easter weekend!
that night i had to attend a dinner for a new church calling.
i put on a happy face & met young women & their mothers in my ward & the whole
time i was dying inside because of how self-consious i felt.
sunday at church was even worse.
standing in front of everyone, teaching a lesson in primary, etc.
i wanted to die!

my hair is "fixed" now.
i went to the appointment at the other salon and a nice girl who was very understanding
took care of me & made my hair look like it did before it was ruined.
the worst part is that it's not totally fixed. 
not really.
the color over the bleach will eventually fade-meaning i'm now forced to
join the cycle of hair-dying till it eventually grows out inch by inch as i cut it off.
all i wanted was a subtle change on the ends of my hair & now i have
this joyous little problem to deal with for the next while:)
if you live in san antonio don't ever go to alta moda salon in the quarry-
unless you want to look like a skunk that is:)

we have no pictures from easter sunday 2013 because i spent the day
crying in my bed:(
i am able to look back now & laugh a little bit.
just a little.
here's hoping to a better easter next year!


  1. Maren!!! I was just having a "hair conversation" with Vance last night for FHE. Being grateful to have hair at all, but complaining about the color and the curl of it. So I feel your pain, but it was a blog entry that I will long remember! (thank goodness hair does grow out!!!!!!!!!! Does yours grow fast or slow?)

  2. Oh my goodness Maren! That's so horrible, can't believe that stylist botched it so much. Good luck with it, so sorry! Hair changes are scary.

  3. Okay, I would have made a point to make sure that chic got fired! Don't worry girl, you can rock any look!
    Here's hoping these next weeks are allllll in your favor! :)

  4. Holy cow! I would take that picture in to her and show her how she messed it up! I'm so sorry you had such a bad expierence! that lady should NOT be doing hair!

  5. Oh Maren, this kills me so much. You are right, so many red flags! Of course she "didn't have time to dry it" cause she knew she ruined your hair! What a jerk! I am curious what your hair looks like now...

  6. That is so so so so so so so sad Maren! I'm so so so so so so sorry!