Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BFF weekend. . .

so i realized that my last post about my hair was
perhaps the most depressing thing i've ever written.
sorry to be such a debbie-downer:)
moving on!

logan's bff caleb came into town over the weekend,
so we tried our best to show him a good time.
we started our saturday off at a basketball tournament
that a bunch of logan's students were playing in.
even though the kids in his class can be little drama queens/kings
a lot of the time, their faces pretty much light up when
they saw him walking up to the courts.
it was pretty cute:)

after the tournament we were pretty hungry so we took caleb
down to the king william district to what we've officially decided 
is our favorite spot:

after our gigantic breakfast we decided to hop on some
bikes & take them around some of the missions downtown.
they have little bike stations all around town & you
 can rent a bike for super cheap so it was perfect!
fun fact: i haven't ridden a bike since our honey moon like 2.5 years 
ago, however i would hardly call that instance bike riding
because i ended up walking my bike down the mountains
we were on because i was a wimp.

back to saturday afternoon:
i literally looked like a crazy person.

i couldn't steer straight to save my life.
i felt like the phrase "it's like riding a bike"
did NOT apply to me in any way shape or form.
i felt like i'd never ridden a bike in my life!
luckily after about 10 minutes of very awkward   
& very slow riding i felt more comfortable.

we probably biked around for a good 2 hours or so before we
were completely exhausted & decided to head home.
we decided to go up to austin later that evening because caleb
had never been & we wanted to re-visit our favorite places there.
we ate dinner at torchy's tacos & tried their queso.
the best queso i've ever tasted.
 i never really ate queso before moving to
texas but i feel like it is one of the main food groups
here & i am not complaining! 
it's the bomb.

obviously we had to go to gourdoughs for dessert.
hands down the best donuts in texas we've discovered thus far.
i cannot get over how amazing they are.
if you ever come to visit us we will go here for sure!
i just decided that before we leave texas i want to try every
donut on the menu.

after gourdough's we waddled around south congress & popped
into some random stores.
we saw some interesting people doing some interesting things.
austin is weird.
but awesome at the same time.

we are so glad caleb came to visit!
we had a blast showing him around & it made us miss all
our other friends.
we really want other visitors!
come now!


  1. Fun! Your hair looks good btw :))

  2. gourdoughs- what a cute play in the word gordo and doughnuts. Love it!

  3. That looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  4. I still can't believe you guys live in Texas! I'll try to convince Eric to have us come down there soon! PS, We are thinking of going to Mexico during Christmas break this year. Eric wants to freshen up on his spanish I guess. But you guys HAVE to come! We'll make it a double date trip! That way it's a guaranteed someone to always take pictures for each other, just saying ;)