Monday, 1 April 2013

quick trip to NYC. . .

so last weekend i took a trip to NYC to run a half marathon with
my mom and sister.
i was super excited to hang out with the madre and the sis-not as excited
about actually having to run the 13.1 miles :)
the day i got there it was the big SJ's birthday so we celebrated
and relaxed by getting our nails did.
we ate dinner at a legit italian place to carb load
before the big race.

for dessert we picked up some georgetown cupcakes.
we did some shopping before we headed back to the apartment & i
guess we were aggressive shoppers or something because
the cupcakes didn't exactly make it home in one piece...
sorry SJ :)
we figured they would still taste good despite being mutilated.
i have no shame in admitting that i scraped the frosting off
the sides of the box & ate not one but two cupcakes.

the next morning we woke up early & took a taxi out to the start.
quick thought about NYC cab rides:they are terrifying.
i always feel like they are going to get in an accident.
the speeding.the honking.the mug shot-like photo of the cab driver 
staring you in your face.
anyways, it was pretty chilly which i wasn't expecting but i  
 would much rather run in windy chilly weather than 
blistering hot & humid weather.
the race actually went great!
it was my goal to finish in 2 hours and i did it by the skin of my teeth:)
i ran with SJ about half way before she took off and left me in the dust.
my mom may or may not have also finished before me by a few minutes.
go mom and SJ!
i felt great the whole race but the last half mile or so was death.
i just wanted to be done SO bad.
i just kept on thinking about all the treats i was going to eat
when i was finished & those thoughts carried me
to the finish line.

post-race food fest took place at norma's.
you guys.
norma's is the bomb!
i decided the pictures i took of the crunchy french toast
did NOT do it justice so i swiped one from the internets.
thick golden brown french toast with powdered sugar,
crunchy goodness & caramel sauce?
i was loving my life eating back every calorie i had just burned at the race.

we felt pretty good the rest of the afternoon but around dinner time
we were all BEAT.
SJ & i volunteered to go get shake shack for everyone.
we looked awesome & did not even care.
pajama pants.sneakers.flats.sweats.

the rest of the trip was spent doing what we do best:shop & eat.
quick shout out to my mom for being so great & always
making everything so much fun.
my mom has got some serious style & i'm not even exaggerating
when i say that literally every store we went into she got
like 20 compliments on her outfits:)

we went to a place in the flat iron district called eataly.
if you are in new york go there now.
it's like a giant hub of legit italian food galore. 
get ready for a picture of all the amazingness we
consumed while there.

the trip was amazing & i miss hanging with my ladies.
sweet baby caroline is an absolute darling & i wish
i lived closer so i could hold her more!

thanks for the trip mom & thanks for showing us a 
great time SJ! 



  1. I can't believe you can run 13 miles. I run like two feet and get a stitch in my side! Way to go. Your mom is super stylish, I want her clothes. Looks like a fun trip!

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  3. Aw, I can not believe you guys ran 13 miles! Insane! But I would do it if I could consume all of that amazing food! YUM!!