Tuesday, 28 May 2013

memorial day weekend 2013. . .

this memorial day weekend will probably go down
in history as one of the best memorial day weekends EVER!
my whole family was reunited this past weekend!
 (minus logan because teach for america decided to be awesome & schedule
a training on a holiday)
nevertheless, family was reunited and good times were had:)

my little brother has been in Russia for the past two years
serving as a missionary for our church. 
2 years is a looong time!
 he spent those 2 years of his life teaching people
every single day about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
in russian.
i was floored when i heard him speak the language.
now i'm not claiming to be an expert in anything russian, but i have to say
that he sounds pretty dang legit.
good job james:)

he picked me up from the airport friday night and the tears were flowin'.
he is all grown up!
it was so fun talking & catching up on everything we have both
experienced/accomplished over the past 2 years.

on saturday james and i did a few errands.
i love driving around salt lake.
i think moving away has made me realize how
truly beautiful and amazing it is.
oh how i miss it :)
i love seeing the temple when i go home!
it reminds me of when logan & i got married there almost 
3 years ago.
3 years guys!

on saturday night my sister (aka the big SJ) rolled into town!
i pretty much took more pictures of baby caroline
than of anyone or anything else during the trip.
she is just so dang cute i literally couldn't help myself.
bless the hearts of our poor future children-i'm definitely going
to be one of those crazies photographing every little moment
of their little lives. 

sunday morning the whole family went to church and we
got to listen to james talk about his experience as a missionary.
i honestly wish that every single person could have heard his talk.
i was a serious mess with all the tears!
i'm so proud of my little brother for dedicating that time of his life
to the Lord & i know that he was able to help
a lot of people by sharing the gospel with them.
after church we had an open house at the casa for 
family & friends to come eat & hang out.

the whole family!
looking at this picture honestly makes me so happy!
it is crazy to think about how much we've all grown up!

remember the time i took 10,000 pics of caroline?
she is precious i couldn't help it.
cutest baby award as well as cutest mama award to my sis:)
she loved hanging out with grandpa ted.
they were BFFs and they both loved it.

monday morning my mom, sister & i went for a run in the canyon.
we hadn't run together since the race in NYC so it was mucho fun.
my parents literally go to jamba juice every day after they work out
so we all headed over there & drank jamba to our
hearts content.

trader joe's was across the street so we ventured in there for a bit.
caroline was loving the shopping cart experience. 
trader joe's is one of the happiest places on earth
as far as i'm concerned.
they have the most amazing/random things!
cookie butter-enough said:)
we bought some pretty flowers along with some other
random things (i.e. chocolate covered potato chips) and then
headed up to the cemetery to visit the grave of my great grandpa & grandma.

after that we went home & my family got ready to head
to the pool while i got ready to head to the airport:(
i am so grateful i got to go home & spend time with the people
i love most!
i am grateful my brother is home safe & i am even more excited for
him to be going down to BYU!
my bet is he'll be married within 4 months.
jk mom;)


  1. This post made me cry. How fun for everyone to be back together again!

  2. Ha, I'm glad to know that James' talk was so emotionally moving. Remember when Eric got home and the whole time we kept laughing at him during his talk with how he would pronounce things? Too funny! :)