Wednesday, 9 March 2011

chocolate chip cookies and justin beiber. . .

normally i would say that chocolate chip cookies
and justin bieber are alright in my book.
however, both of these things together every weekend for 2 hours can
quickly escalate into a very very bad thing.
i have had the blessing/curse
of incorporating chocolate chip cookies and
justin bieber into just about every weekend for the past couple months.
if you are asking yourself how that could even
be possible, i have one word for you:
nuvia is my adorable little 9
year old friend that i have been mentoring for
about the past 6 months.
logan has mentored nuvia's older
brother, wilbert for about the past 2 years.
every saturday we pick up wilbert and nuvia and take them to do
basically whatever it is they want to do.
every week i ask nuvia what she wants to do on saturday.
almost e
very time i receive the same response:
"i want to make chocolate chip cookies".
thats fine. i am not ashamed to admit that i love any excuse to eat cookies.
when we get to the house, i as
k nuvia what she wants to do while the cookies are baking.
"i want to go on youtube and watch videos of justin bieber".
s was cute the first few times.
but after eating chocolate chip cookies and watching every video of bieber ever
made on the face of the earth, i'm th
inking i won't be giving nuvia the option of cookies and justin
any time soon.
the look on nuvia's face as s
he watches the videos of the j bieb is both hilarious
and heartbreaking.
all the hopes and dreams of a 9 year old girl wishing he would jump out of the screen
and pick her up while singing 'baby' can be seen in the eyes of nuvia as she
stares at the screen and softly sings the words to his songs.
part of me says 'yes' whenever she ask
s to watch videos of him just so i can see the look
on her face as
she gazes upon the screen in longing.
here are some pictures from 2 weekends ago, when nuvia and i made chocolate chip cookies.

its not just justin bieber that nuvia loves.
ohhh no.
she also loves hannah montana.
now, i will admit that i have maybe 2-3 hannah montana cd's in my car. . .
but in my defense only one was purchased by me.
the others were given as gifts.
every time we pick up wilbert and nuvia, they scream and beg for the duet featuring
ms. montana and the famous david archuleta.
the song is called "i wanna know you".
logan and i always talk about taking the cd out of the car so we won't be able to play
it for them, but we end up forgetting.
therefore, we hear "i wanna know you" every saturday.
and these kids don't just want to hear it once.
ohhh no.
they like it on repeat.
it takes about fifteen minutes to drive to their house each saturday.
the song is about 3 minutes in length.
we listen to it on the way to our house or wherever we go that day, as well as on the way back.
therefore, logan and i hear "i wanna know you" about ten times during the round trip.
part of me wants to just break the cd in half and tell them we lost it.
the other part of me thinks its hilarious to look in the back seat and see each of them
staring out of the car window while softly singing all the words.
maybe they imagine that they are running around with hannah and david holding hands
running through a big field while singing the song.
in all honesty, i think its pretty dang cute.
i'm willing to sacrifice some of my time to make wilbert and nuvia happy for a while.
i'm sure our hannah/david/justin/chocolate chip making days aren't going anywhere soon. . .
but i'm glad they are only interested in cookies and pop idols, those days won't last for long!


  1. That is funny! I love any excuse to bake and eat chocolate chip cookies, Alli wants to bake all the time now and I feel bad because I really need to cut back. We had fun with you guys at the DiGiorno party!