Tuesday, 1 March 2011

the quilt is complete. . .

my quilt i have been making with the help of grandma doris is finished!
it has actually been finished for about 2 weeks now. . .i just haven't been good
at keeping this old blog updated.
nevertheless, it is complete!
once again, i will try and explain how i finished the quilt, but my
sewing lingo is limited.

first we had to put together the quilt top & batting & the bottom and
pin it on these wooden frames.
this literally took us over an hour because it was hard to get it stretched out and tight.
after the joy of trying to get that thing put together, we hoisted it up onto
the backs of some chairs like so:
the purpose of putting it up here was to place pins in every single
square to make sewing easier.
anything we could do do make this quilt easier to make was fine by me!

next i sewed along each and every single square of the quilt.
im not going to lie.
after sewing around each and every single square, i was ready to call it
quits with this quilt.
but i persevered through the agony and after this step it looked like this:
i trimmed away the extra batting around the edges and then we cut the fabric
i wanted to go along the edge.
we cut the fabric on the bias and then sewed one side along the edge of the quilt.
i then had to fold over this edge piece and hand sew it to the other side.
this part also took a couple hours.
my fingers hurt really bad by the time i was finished, and some blood
may or may not have been shed, but i think it was worth it in the end.
so far everyone i have shown it so says that it looks like a quilt for a baby girl.
im fine with that.
ill give it to my first daughter and when she asks how i made it i will
tell her of the 10+ hours and bleeding fingers i endured.
perhaps she will appreciate it more when she knows my blood sweat and tears went into it.
i have found myself wondering if i will make another quilt anytime soon.
for now the answer is no.
i would like to continue sewing, but perhaps take on some smaller projects.
i am very grateful however for the time i got to spend with my amazing grandma doris.
she is truly a renaissance woman in every sense of the word.
i couldn't have made this cute little quilt without her!
thanks grandma!
and happy quilting to all!


  1. It's so beautiful Maren. Seriously, so beautiful. I want one for my first baby girl!

  2. Hurray for you, Maren, for completing your quilt! I am proud of you! I know your grandma enjoyed the time she got to spend teaching you,too. How are you liking your job?