Friday, 25 March 2011

a series of unfortunate events. . .

so i'm not the biggest BYU basketball fan who
has ever lived, but i'll admit it has been a fun season to watch this year.
unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you
would know that BYU has had an incredible season, mostly due to one man:
i remember the first time i heard his name.
i thought it was lame.
but i guess if you are going to have a lame name you should be good at something.
good thing this kid can play ball.
thursday night jimmer and the cougs lost to florida in the sweet 16.
so sad.
whenever BYU loses a big game provo is so depressing.
to make things even mo
re depressing, it snowed today.
big time.
in fact, it is still sn
owing as i type this post.
weather in utah is so random.
one second it can be sunny and 65 degrees, and an our later it will be a blizzard.
to add insult to injury, i got in a car accident today as i was leaving work.
for the record, the accident wasn't my fault.
a young teenage driver was trying to speed ac
ross the intersection and swerved to miss another
car that was coming really fast in the opposite direction.
they missed the other car. . .
but in their attempt to miss the speeding car they hit me instead.
my poor car has
been through so much.
i'm not sure how much longer it can take.
the little silver convertible beetle has kindly been referred to as the "mare-bug" for years now.
don't worry-it's in the shop and will hopefully be fixed up in no time.
the other car hit me and damaged my front tire/light area.
sorry for my lack of car terminology.
for the mean ti
me, logan and i are car-less.
we had big plans this weekend to go to salt lake and run in a 5k race that my mom organized
a few years ago.
it's called the east high running of the leopards for anyone who is interested.
today is also our 7-month-i-versary!
we planned to go to dinner in
salt lake and all sorts of grand things.
now we just have to figure out alternate means of transportation.
don't be surprised if you see us along side of I-15 on our tandem bike.
we will get to salt lake if it kills us!
sorry for the posting
of this series of unfortunate events.
on the bright side, logan & i won our intramural soccer game last night!
that means we are hea
ded to the 2nd round of playoffs!
we will let you know how that goes!
here is a pic of the "mare-bug" when i went to AZ to visit Britt and Paige.
those were the good old days:)

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  1. sorry someone crunched your bug! Even if accidents aren't our fault they are inconvenient! Was it scary? Did time slow down?