Tuesday, 12 April 2011

the fire. . .

monday was a great day.

logan & i moved all our stuff into our house last weekend,

and monday was my day to find a few more things for the house.

this week is spring break for me from work so i was happy to have this

whole week to finish getting the house organized.

i went to some of the happiest places on earth to get what i needed.

bed, bath & beyond to get pots and pans.

target to get a trash can and a table cloth.

and i ended my day at hobby lobby to get materials to make a wreath.

our new house is a pale yellow color with brown trim, so we

needed a bit of color.

i decided to go to hobby lobby to get some things for a colorful wreath.

as i pulled into the lot i parked in a spot close to the door and

went on my merry way.

i was pleased to discover that everything in the floral department was 50% off!

i found my things and headed for the check out counter.

a lady came on the loudspeaker and said, "will the owner

of a red grand prix please come to the front of the store immediately".

i noticed a crowd of people gathering at the front of the store peering out the windows.

i also noticed smoke coming from the parking lot.

a lady with a nervous look on her face raced toward the front of the store. "your car is on fire!" someone yelled at her.

i strained my neck to get a closer look at her car.

sure enough, it was on fire!

i continued through the check out line.

"will the owner of a silver convertible beetle please come to the front of the store immediately!"

i paused for a moment.

that was MY car!

i raced out the doors of the store only to realize that my car was parked

right NEXT to the red car that was on FIRE.

"that's my car!"

i yelled to one of the firemen who were already at the scene.

"you need to move you car NOW!" he yelled.

a million thoughts raced through my head.

"this is not happening"

"of course i would park next to the car that caught on fire"

"my car is going to blow up"

"this is how i'm going to die"


the man urged me again to get into my car immediately and move it.

i pulled out my keys and felt my heart race and i ran into the smoke.

i put the car in reverse and slammed on the gas.

i sped away and parked in the farthest spot from the fire.

as i walked back to hobby lobby(i wasn't going to let an incident like this

get in the way of my wreath-making)

i snapped a few photos of the action.

if you look REALLY close to the front tire in the first picture you can see

some of the orange flames.

i went back into the store and the lady had saved my things for me

at the register.

people peppered me with questions about what happened, etc.

i was still in shock so i didn't really know what to say.

in the store, a lady kept yelling on the loud speaker for the owner of

a white mazda.

you can see it parked directly in front of the red car.

the owner never came out to move it, and everyone was really worried their car

would catch on fire too.

i'm just glad my car and i made it out alive.

granted, the flames coming out of the car weren't 10 feet high or anything,

but it was still pretty terrifying.

i managed to get away from hobby lobby safely with my car intact and

my wreath making materials that only cost $6!

pictures of the wreath/the new house to come!


  1. maren, i think your car is trying to commit suicide! i am worried about your little bug!

  2. You have THE CRAZIEST car stories, what's the deal-e-o??

  3. Wow! Crazy! I am glad you and your car are okay. Maybe this is a sign you need a bigger car? LOL

  4. Whe-ew, that was a close one! I thought you were going to tell us that the paint had melted off of the side of your car and that you were back with The Cube again. Your setting up the home sounds fun, I'm looking forward to the pictures!