Tuesday, 19 April 2011

home sweet home. . .

logan and i have finally moved into our new house!
we love it!
we have some big plans to plant some colorful flowers in the front.
i'm thinking something like this:

i would love to have colorful flowers on each side of the stairs
in the little flower beds underneath the windows.
the house is definitely a fixer-upper, but we have managed to make it
pretty comfy so far.
here are a few pics:

the front room/living room

the dining room

the kitchen

the office

the bedroom

don't worry- there IS a bathroom, it's just not pictured.
im still working on sprucing up the office and the bathroom.
i have had WAY too much fun setting up house.
i decided that i LOVE organizing things and making them look how i want.
i can't wait to move again so i can do it all over!
logan & i will be in provo for the next year or so
working and what not, so we have a while to make this home
exactly how we want it.
until then, we are having fun adding things here and there
to give it the feel that we want.
we started watching the show house hunters.
it is fascinating to me that people are buying a place for
$300,000, which is "cheap" according to them.
that is INSANE compared to what we pay for rent here at our house.
in a way i am scared to move anywhere outside of utah
because of how expensive it is!
luckily our new place will allow us to save some pennies
for wherever life takes us next!


  1. House Hunters is COMPLETELY addicting. Glad you are on board. :) Oh, and you need to check out House Hunters International too, even better.

    I am with you, setting up your own little space is the best. Can't wait till we actually can! ah!

  2. I love how you have set up your cottage! It was so fun to be with both of you the last few days for your graduations!! We love you both!!!

  3. Very cute! I should have you come help me set up, you have a real knack for this!