Friday, 1 April 2011

the end of intramural soccer. . .

logan & i were invited to be on an intramural soccer team
this semester with some friends from our ward.
we were both really excited!
i was excited because i have played intramural soccer almost
every semester while at BYU.
logan was excited because he loves any excuse to play sports.
logan will freel
y admit that he isn't the biggest
fan of intramural sports.
it's pretty crazy just how competitive some people can get, especially
in sports like co-ed inner tube water polo.
(yes, th
is sport exists at BYU)
nevertheless, we joined the team eager to play.
because I graduated in December, I am no longer able to
play on intramural teams for free.
I had to pay 25 bucks just to be able to play.
25 bucks!
it's sorta sad but 25 bucks becomes a lot after you get married.
we decided it was worth it however and we have been playing ever since.
logan was our goalie for the whole season.
i was a little bummed when i found out that nobody on the
team had played goalie
before, and logan being the sweetheart he is
volunteered to take the position that nobody wants to get stuck with
on a team where nobody has played goalie before.
let me just tell you-this kid did amazing.
i had no idea he could jump so high or block a ball so well!
everyone was amazed that he had never played before, and i was always
so proud after every game that he made some sweet saves/blocks.
our little team made it into the tournament
and we played really well our first game.
we won on the night th
at BYU lost to Florida. . .so we were
pretty happy that night!
this past wednesday nig
ht, however, was not as exciting.
we lost:(
logan played a great game, and i scored a goal, but despite out best efforts,
our team was defeated.
we had a lot of fun playing though and we will hopefully play on another team soon!
here is a picture of us after the last game.
isn't the sunset pretty?
this game was hilarious mainly because of how intense and competitive
a couple of the guys were on the other team.
it is fascinating how competitive some people can be.
i shouldn't talk-i get pretty intense myself when playing soccer, but a
guy from the other team was intense enough to the point that he
would yell and make crazy sounds at logan whenever he would
be saving the ball.
he did this every time.
i think he was attempting to psych logan out or something, but he
just ended up looking like a freak.
hopefully our team will have better luck next time!


  1. That is really fun that you guys did that. I always tried to get John to play intramural sports, ha, he just gets to watch the kids for us.

  2. what a cute picture of the twos of yous. I love the sunset in the back, too. I'm loving your blog!

  3. Go Cougs (of the intramural co-ed soccer type)! I am impressed by both of your skills.