Friday, 8 April 2011

the cube. . .

have you ever seen one of these cars driving down
the street and thought to yourself, "wow, that's the ugliest car i have ever seen?"
i have.
in fact, every time i saw one of these things i thought to myself,
"wow, that car looks like a toaster on wheels".
for those of you who don't know what this is, let me enlighten you.
its a nissan cube.
logan & i have had the privilege of driving around this very car for the past 2 WEEKS.
my car is still in the shop being fixed from the accident i was in last month.
when i went to the rental car place i was mildly horrified when i noticed they
only had 3 cars on the lot.
the cube.
a suburban.
another suburban.
"i hope we get that cube!" logan said as he smiled like a 10 year old boy
about to go on a ride at disney land.
and sure enough, we received the cube.
i was embarrassed driving it off the lot.
i felt like a toaster/someone who was trying wayyy to hard to be different.
but after about 2.5 minutes in the car- i fell in love.
i love the cube.
it is SO much better looking on the inside than it is on the outside.
it is spacious and the windows make you feel like you're in a fish bowl.
there is TONS of leg room and you can fit a ton of stuff in the back.
i think it was somewhat of a blessing that we got this car
during the time when we are moving.
for those of you who don't know, logan and i are moving a few blocks
away from where we live now!
it is a cute little yellow house on 700 north here in provo.
tomorrow is our official moving day.
we have been moving wedding gifts/stuff we never really use over to the
house in the mean time.
but let me tell you-having this car has been a HUGE help!
can you imagine trying to move boxes of stuff in my car?
the bug can barely fit 4 people in it!
anyways, logan & i have come to love the cube so much we have even pondered buying one.
i think i would like it better in either black or white.
every time logan & i talk about getting in the car to go
somewhere we say, "the cuuuuuube!"
like the aliens in toy story say "the claaaaawww!"
i may or may not shed a few tears when they call me to say my car is done
being fixed and i have to say goodbye to the cube.
it will be a sad sad day.


  1. what a fun post. I, too, think the cube is ug-ly, but I can see how it has it's good points. I love that Logan was excited about getting it. How fun that you both like it now!

  2. Ha! I love that you call it "the cuuuubbe!" It looks like the perfect sized car for out here. And if it makes you feel any better, the cube was given "Best Design" in the car magazine Jess and I read. Best of luck on the move.

  3. The Cube is pretty cool but if you want a really cool car, think SX4.