Monday, 25 April 2011

graduation day. . .

we graduated!
well, technically i graduated this past december, but at BYU
you can only walk in April or August.
i decided to walk in April so logan & i could walk together!
we went to the huge commencement ceremony with ALL the graduates last thursday.
EVERYONE was there.
even cosmo.
the commencement was a joke.
all the graduates congregated outside the administration building before
walking up the windy walk-way to the marriott center.
it was a huge crazy sea of hideous navy blue gowns and yellow tassels.
seriously-who thought it was a good idea to make graduation gowns
big and billowy and unflattering?
i would like to know who thought it was a good idea to
make graduates wear something hideous
on one of the most important and most photographed days of their lives.

anyways, logan's parents made the trek from kansas
to join in the festivities!
my parents made the trek all the way from salt lake
to join in the fun as well!

logan & i both graduated in sociology from the
college of family, home & social science.
this is the biggest college at BYU, therefore our graduation
ceremony took 2.5 hours.
they also read names in alphabetical order of major.
sociology is dead last.
therefore, logan & i were literally within the last 10 people to graduate!
translation: we waited a good 2 hours before actually
walking across the stage!
we did walk together though which was fun!
for now we are planning on staying in provo for the next year!
logan got called into the bishopric of a singles ward, so we
are committed to stay here for another year.
i'll be working at timpview high & log has an internship
with a consulting firm.
applying to grad school/taking the GMAT is on logan's priority
list for the next year!
we will see where we end up, but for now we are happy
to continue living the provo/BYU dream:)


  1. BIG congrats!!! I think it's so cute that both you and SJ got to walk with your husbands across the stage. Precious :)

    Have you been watching anymore Fringe?!?

  2. you look pretty hot in that robe-!! congrats you little fetus.

  3. Yay for graduating! Yay for singles wards!

  4. Congrats! We are glad you guys will be around for the next year at least!

  5. Wahoo! Congrats. And your new house looks smashing.

  6. yay! congratulations! i'm so jealous! wish you both could make it out for the big day!