Saturday, 25 June 2011

10 monthiversary. . .

logan & i have been married a grand total of 10 months!
yes- on the 25th of every month since last august
i have made logan celebrate with me:)
our first anniversary is just 2 months away and i literally
cannot believe how fast time has flown by!

i am excited/nervous about opening our freezer and
pulling out some of our wedding cake to eat
for our one year anniversary.
i have heard of people that say it actually tastes good-but i'm skeptical.
i guess i'll let you know how it tastes in exactly 2 months!


  1. Great photos! I can't believe you've kept the cake for almost a year. Our cake only lasted until our first month anniversary, we didn't have the discipline. You'll have to tell us how your's tastes. Happy 10 months!

  2. aw, yay! so happy for you two! can't wait to see you both next month!