Sunday, 5 June 2011

k-mart adventures. . .

it was recently nuvia's 10th birthday.
i told her that we would make a cake together and do all that
fun stuff that she likes to do, but logan & i got a little
busy and we decided to take nuvia and wilbert to
the sweet tooth fairy.
nuvia was SO excited she could hardly stand it.
she and wilbert got some cake bites, and logan & i shared
a strawberry cupcake:)
i didn't take any pictures. . .sorry.
after we ate our sweets we decided to venture into k-mart.
nuvia got a wii from her parents, and we told her we would
buy her a new game for her birthday.
logan & wilbert headed straight for the toys section, while nuvia
& i took our time perusing the aisles.
let me tell you. . .k-mart has some interesting stuff.
i was shocked & amazed.
i will let the following pictures speak for themselves. . .

the most disgusting marshmallow candy ever invented
can you actually imagine consuming one of these?

a cody simpson poster.
i am assuming cody simpson is a wanna-be justin bieber?
can you imagine this on the wall in your bedroom?

speaking of justin bieber, this is indeed a swim suit with his face
right in the middle of it.

i don't even know what to say about this purse.
can i just point out the fact that it has a security tag on it just
in case someone tries to steal it?
who would steal this?

and last but not least, this hannah montana t-shirt that sings.
it literally sings a hannah montana song when you push the little
yellow square in the bottom right corner of the shirt.

k-mart is an interesting place filled with interesting things.
nuvia ended up picking a wii game and was a happy camper.
i had just as much fun in that store as she did.
it was literally fascinating.
if anyone is bored on a friday night, i suggest heading into your
nearest k-mart and just wandering around the aisles.
i promise it will be both entertaining and fascinating.


  1. K-mart has always had treasures! I love the Cody Simpson poster..... who is Cody simpson?!!!! Next time you go to K-mart please call me.